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Trailer: The Black Waters of Echo Pond (2009) – Clip Why did you Lie


Trailer: The Black Waters of Echo Pond (2009) -Clip Why did you Lie Clip – “Why did you Lie” The Black Waters of Echo Pond (2009)

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DESTINATION AMERICA Channel Reveals Results of a Paranormal Poll in the Spirit of Halloween

Destination America, the only television network that celebrates the people, places, and stories of our country, today released the results of a Nielsen Entertainment online study that reveals Americans’ behaviors and attitudes surrounding paranormal phenomena. The survey of more than 1,000 men and women aged 18+, found that most Americans (79%) claim some belief in ghosts. What’s more, over half of Americans claim to have experienced paranormal activity – seeing (57%), hearing (53%), or feeling … Continue reading

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Trailer: Zombie Exs (2012)


Trailer: Zombie Exs (2012) Meet Zach. Nice guy. Terrible taste in women. They leave him, but they never forget him. He’s heading into the next bad break-up when the newest fad in H2O drinks starts turning his ex girlfriends into zombies who have one idea – getting back together with Zach! Three friends must stop the Ex’s and save the world

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Trailer: Victoria’s Exorcism (2013) Trailer 2


Trailer: Victoria’s Exorcism (2013) Trailer 2 A young girl and her family go through a horrifying reality while she becomes possessed by demonic forces. Throughout the film we experience the ways a family deals with situations beyond their control and how they fight to overcome them. Only when the possession takes place does the family bond get stronger and the relationships between them get tested to their limits

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Trailer: Under the Knife (2014)


Trailer: Under the Knife (2014) Beverly travels to South Korea to get plastic surgery, but ends up unknowingly getting a computerized implant from a surgeon who maniacally turns his patients into beautiful killing machines.

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Horror Funding: Jörg Buttgereit ‘s German Angst Launches Kickstarter


German director Jorg Buttgereit celebrates the 2014 special edition dvd and blu-ray releases of his classic horror film Nekromantik with a special 35mm print screening at the egyptian theater, and launch of kickstarter to produce first horror film project in twenty years, German Angst! *JORG BUTTGEREIT IN ATTENDANCE OCT. 24!* Cult Epics celebrates a special October 24th 35mm print screening of Jörg Buttgereit’s classic NEKROMANTIK at the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles in anticipation of … Continue reading

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Trailer: Carrie (2013) TV clip Unique


Trailer: Carrie (2013) TV clip Unique Carrie (2013) – new clip “Unique”

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Trailer: Final Destination 6 Concept


Trailer: Final Destination 6 Concept Concept Video for “Final Destination 6″

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Trailer: Ghost Team One (2013) Featurette


Trailer: Ghost Team One (2013) Featurette Featurette for (2013) movie Ghost Team One

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Trailer: Fallen Angel (2013)


Trailer: Fallen Angel (2013) Desperately trying to live normal lives after a practical joke escalates to murder, four young men one by one begin to crack under the pressure of the secrets they share.

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Trailer: Curse of Chucky (2013) Trailer 2


Trailer: Curse of Chucky (2013)Trailer 2 After her mother’s mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to recent bloodshed and chaos.

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Trailer: All Hallows Eve (2013) Red Band


Trailer: All Hallows Eve (2013) Red Band While watching two children on Halloween night, a babysitter finds an old VHS tape in the kids’ trick or treat bag. The tape features three tales of terror, all linked together by a murderous clown. As the night goes on strange things begin to occur in the house. It isn’t long before the babysitter learns the horrifying truth… the maniacal clown is slowly working his way into her … Continue reading

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Music Video: Un Cometa Rabioso – Hongo Fu

Music Video: Un Cometa Rabioso – Hongo Fu New music video Un Cometa Rabioso by music act Hongo Fu

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Trailer: Bloodline (2013)


Trailer: Bloodline (2013) A seminary student discovers his bloodline is sought by evil.

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INSIDE SHADOWS – British Director Releases Acclaimed Micro-Budget Feature


Tiring of so called “torture p*rn” horror and resisting the found footage format of most low budget films, director Chris Silver has created inside Shadows, which strives to take the genre back to its traditional roots of the ghost story. Two and a half years in the making and filmed predominantly in London, Chris’s debut feature was produced with just a few hundred pounds as everything else was donated, begged for or borrowed, making it … Continue reading


AS NIGHT FALLS – New Film Starring Debbie Rochon Nov 12


Breaking Glass Pictures and Vicious Circle Films are proud to announce the November 12th DVD release of As Night Falls, featuring the resurrection of Hell of Fame scream queen Debbie Rochon as a mother with an axe to grind. Written and directed by Joe Davison, As Night Falls is a blood-splattered, shock-filled slasher that proves home is where the heart is…and the lungs and the guts. The film stars Rochon, Deneen Melody (“The Playboy Club”), … Continue reading

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Shivers, vertigo and cold sweat, this fourth edition of La Samain du CinĂ©ma Fantastique in Nice, French Riviera, promises a festival filled with discoveries and events. From science-fiction to horror including documentary and fantasy, the audience and the jury directed by the French actress Michèle Mercier will discover 14 eclectic feature films coming from all around the world. Blockbusters, directorial debut, confidential works, there will be something for everyone including: Gravity, the new Alfonso Cuaron’s … Continue reading

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Trailer: Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman (2012)


Trailer: Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman (2012) A powerful Chilean gangster uses everything in his power to stop the woman that wants to kill him, a sexy mercenary known as “the machinegun woman”. The staggering sum of cash he offers for her head sets in motion an army of hitmen. And also, by accident, bursts in the life of naĂŻve DJ Santiago, a common youth that will have to steel his … Continue reading

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Level 33 Brings in Halloween Scares

Level 33 Entertainment (“Level 33”) announced today that new low pricing will go into effect on October 17, 2013 for several award-winning horror themed movies on DVD including AAAH! ZOMBIES!!, I DIDN’T COME HERE TO DIE, A CADAVER CHRISTMAS, MY STEPDAD’S A FREAKIN’ VAMPIRE!, and VAMP U.  The DVDs for these films, which collectively have been screened at dozens of international film festivals and horror festivals, will be made available for purchase at retailers and websites … Continue reading

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Short Film: First Date (2003)


Short Film: First Date (short film) (2003) A classic tale of a blind date and all the dangers that come with it.

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Short Film: The Face at the Window (2013)


Short Film: The Face at the Window (2013) Everything goes terribly wrong when a teacher cheats on his wife with one of his students. One bad event follows another while things unfold in this love triangle

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