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Film Review: The Prophecy (1995)


SYNOPSIS: The angel Gabriel comes to Earth to collect a soul which will end the stalemated war in Heaven, and only a former priest and a little girl can stop him. REVIEW: While it may not fall into Walken’s greatest works, it certainly is one of his most memorable. Walken carried forth his reoccurring role as Gabriel into not 1 but 3 films in the “Prophecy” franchise. Movies of this nature seemingly combine horror and … Continue reading

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Film Review: All Hallows’ Eve (2013)


SYNOPSIS: While watching two children on Halloween night, a babysitter finds an old VHS tape in the kids’ trick or treat bag. The tape features three tales of terror, all linked together by a murderous clown. As the night goes on strange things begin to occur in the house. It isn’t long before the babysitter learns the horrifying truth… the maniacal clown is slowly working his way into her reality. REVIEW: “All Hallows Eve” earns … Continue reading

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Trailer: Big Bad Wolves (2013) new


Trailer: Big Bad Wolves (2013) new A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings – a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder.

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Action Legends (4 Movie Collection)


We here at like action films just as much as the next person. Mill Creek Entertainment has been releasing quite a few killer combos this last year worth picking up. This latest one sent over features 4 action films, 2 Jean-Claude Van, and 2 Steven Seagal. I grew up watching both these guys in various roles when “action heroes” were at their high point. One of the films “Attack Force” even brings the 2 … Continue reading

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Film Review: Welcome to the Jungle (2013)


SYNOPSIS: A company retreat on a tropical island goes terribly awry. REVIEW: Before I get into a more formal review on this film, I wanted to start off with a the highest deserving statement I could muster…”Welcome to the Jungle” is without a doubt my favorite comedic film of the year!. I tend to not issue those statements lightly but for fans of cult-deserving comedy, this is a must have/see for 2014. Those who have … Continue reading

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Trailer: Cloned The Recreator Chronicles (2013)


Trailer: Cloned The Recreator Chronicles (2013) A group of teenagers stumble upon a secret lab and encounter superior clones of themselves.

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Trailer: Curse of the Dragon Slayer (2014)


Trailer: Curse of the Dragon Slayer (2014) Keltus, a knight of the ruling Order is on the trail of the Shadow Cabal — a group of Orc cultists. When his leads run cold, he must team up with an elf bounty hunter, Nemyt, and an infamous orc raider, Kullimon, to infiltrate the Shadow and try to thwart their evil purpose — to unleash the God of the Undead.

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Trailer: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)


Trailer: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) Survivors of the simian plague trigger an all-out war between humanity and Caesar’s growing forces.

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Film Review: The Prey (2011)


SYNOPSIS: Bankrobber Franck Adrien serves a prison sentence after successfully robbing a national bank, but before he gets caught he manages to hide the money and it’s not just police that are looking for the money. His cellmate is Jean-Louis Maurel who is suspected rapist/child molester but he claims his innocence and the court finds him not guilty, Maurel promises to look after Franck Adriens family when Maurel gets out. But one day, a man … Continue reading

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Trailer: Dead Rivalry (2014) Teaser


Trailer: Dead Rivalry (2014) Teaser Two serial killers end up in the same car on an old deserted road. BRENDAN, hitchhikes and kills the people who pick him up, while WINSTON picks up hitchhikers to torture and murder them

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Trailer: Transcendence (2014)


Trailer: Transcendence (2014) A terminally ill scientist downloads his mind into a computer. This grants him power beyond his wildest dreams, and soon he becomes unstoppable.

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Trailer: Welcome To The Jungle (2014)


Trailer: Welcome To The Jungle (2014) A company retreat on a tropical island goes terribly awry.

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Trailer: Dead Sea (2014) Teaser


Trailer: Dead Sea (2014) Teaser A Marine Biologist is assigned to investigate the mysterious deaths of marine life in an inland salt water lake that have been attributed to a creature thought to have been the stuff of legend.

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Who Knew Horror Could be So… Pinteresting?

Sorry couldn’t resist the cheesy headline. We wanted to give it a few weeks to hork up a bit, but we are officially announcing our new Pinterest channel!  We recognize that everyone has their own preferred ways of getting their horror news…and so with demand comes supply (or something or other…that is). would like to invite all you Pinteresting people to go ahead and drop by for a gander, and maybe even “follow”, if … Continue reading

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Troma’s RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH, VOL. 1 Finally to Blu-ray March 18th!


His name is legendary. He’s created some of the most iconic films and characters in all cinema, including the Toxic Avenger and Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD. His name is Lloyd Kaufman and Anchor Bay’s got him! Anchor Bay Films proudly announces the return of Lloyd Kaufman to the theatrical feature director’s chair with the March 18th Blu-rayâ„¢ and DVD release of Return To Nuke ‘Em High, Vol. 1. The cast includes Catherine Corcoran (The Lovely Bones), … Continue reading

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Film Review: Escape Plan (2013)


SYNOPSIS: When a structural-security authority finds himself set up and incarcerated in the world’s most secret and secure prison, he has to use his skills to escape with help from the inside. REVIEW: If this last year has been any indication, it’s that Sylvester Stallone is indeed back with plenty of energy to take on a smattering of new roles. Out off all of them, I do have to say that this ranks among my … Continue reading

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The River City Festival of Films 2014

The River City Festival of Films 2014 – Owensboro, Kentucky’s 1st & Only All Genre Film Festival. Owensboro, KY: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 – Verite Cinema announces details for year three of the premiere film festival The River City Festival of Films. The festival gives local filmmakers a viable venue to screen their work to the community and be recognized for their efforts. Donations from the festival will be given to New Beginnings Sexual Assault … Continue reading

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THE REVEREND – Bloodlust, Violence and Spirituality Arrives February 11th


Level 33 Entertainment announces the release of the acclaimed horror film The Reverend on DVD and VOD February 11, 2014.  Starring Stuart Brennan (Risen), Tamer Hassan (Batman Begins), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser:Bloodline) and Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), this soul-scorching film has an SRP of $14.98 and is available on, iTunes and other retail and rental outlets across the U.S. Written and directed by Neil Jones, The Reverend tells a cautionary tale of belief in the … Continue reading

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Horror Comedy HELLBENDERS Arrives On 3-D Blu-ray, DVD February 18


The horror comedy, Hellbenders arrives on 3-D Blu-ray (includes 3-D and standard version of the film plus Digital HD UltraViolet), DVD (plus Digital UltraViolet) and Digital HD on February 18 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. An official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival, Hellbenders was written and directed by JT Petty (The Burrowers). Clifton Collins Jr. (Pacific Rim), Clancy Brown (Cowboys and Aliens) and Andre Royo (HBO’s “The Wire”) star in this twisted tale of … Continue reading

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Remake OLDBOY Makes Blu-ray Debut March 4 !

Academy Award® nominee Josh Brolin (Best Supporting Actor, Milk, 2008) stars as a troubled advertising executive who finds himself kidnapped and held in an inescapable room in the thriller OLDBOY, available on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD UltraViolet™ March 4 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. In this gritty tale of vengeance from critically-acclaimed director Spike Lee (Inside Man), Joe Doucette (Josh Brolin) is abruptly kidnapped and framed for the murder of his wife. After being … Continue reading

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Scare Thriller HAUNTER Releases from IFC Midnight

ABIGAIL BRESLIN IS A TEENAGER TRAPPED BY A MYSTERIOUS EVIL FROM HER PAST IN THE CREEPY, GOOSEBUMP-RAISING HORROR HIT  HAUNTER A Powerful and Moving Supernatural Tale That Will Haunt Viewers, It Sneaks Up Onto Blu-ray and DVD on February 11, 2014 A teenager comes to the distressing realization that she is a ghost, and must save others from the fate that befell her years earlier, in the eerie horror thriller HAUNTER. The latest film from … Continue reading

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