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Nathan Thomas Milliner’s A WISH FOR THE DEAD Coming To BluRay


Renowned horror artist Nathan Thomas Milliner’s (Artist for Scream Factory, Horrorhound and director of Volumes Of Blood and Confession Of Fred Krueger) directorial debut A WISH FOR THE DEAD coming to BluRay and DVD from LeglessCorpse Films on March 22nd. Synopsis John Hill (Chris Petty) is a desperate man. Since discovering his wife has terminal cancer he has locked himself …

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Trailer: Badoet (2015)


The entity responsible for the heinous deaths is revealed after our heroes find drawings of a clown made by all the victims, and, later, by VINO (Fernandito Syachputra), the 9-year-old son of feisty landlady RAISA (Ratu Felisha)who clearly now is in danger. With help from the eccentric indigo siblings NIKKI (Tiara Westlake) and ROCKY (Marcel Chandrawinata), our heroes do their …

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True Crime Serial Killer Cannibal Film ‘CHASE’ Joins ‘Die-Gest: Flesh Feast’


One of the most overlooked atrocities of the past few decades is the “Vampire Killer” murders committed by Richard Trenton Chase in Sacramento, California during the late 1970’s. Finally a horror film has surfaced to capture the true essence of depravity behind these unspeakable killings. From director Benjamin James comes the short film ‘Chase’ which will be featured in the …

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Unearthed Films and Ruggero Deodato Presents ATROZ and LILITH’S HELL


Unearthed Films is proud to present Lex Ortega’s ATROZ! Presented by Ruggero Deodato, master of the cannibal genre with Cannibal Holocaust. Directed by Lex Ortega, “Barbaros Mexico and sound designer for Frankensteins Army” succeeds in making the most intense gore film in the history of Mexican Cinema! “Atroz/Atrocious is a film that portrays the story of two serial killers. After …

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Cult Cinema: An Arrow Video Companion (Limited Edition) Hardback Book (BOOK)


Limited Edition Hardback Book 246 pages – Dimension: 22 x 2.8 x 28 cm Available on March 29th via MVD Entertainment Group Arrow Video is one of the foremost distributors of cult cinema on DVD and Blu-ray. From the classic to the obscure, the Arrow Video collection encompasses all styles and genres: horror films and Westerns, science fiction and sex comedies, …

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Upcoming Feature Film MARILYN: ZOMBIE HUNTER Details


Award Winning Filmmaker Thomas J. Churchill Guests on Eye on Entertainment to Announce Upcoming Feature Film MARILYN: ZOMBIE HUNTER Multi-talented Churchill Is a Writer, Producer, Director, Actor and Radio Host Multi-talented, award winning filmmaker Thomas J. Churchill was interviewed by Dawna Lee Heising for the television show Eye on Entertainment on Time Warner Cable about his highly successful career. Churchill, …

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