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Eclectic Group of Accomplished Horror Authors Kick Off 16 Investigation of Death and Dying


CHICAGO, Apr. 14, 2015—Just when you thought the worst thing you had to fear in the United States was the end of tax season, a group of accomplished horror authors aim to prove there really is something far more frightening when they begin a 16-day investigation to answer the enduring questions about what awaits us at the end of life.

“This group of talented authors are going to engage and entertain horror fans with this discussion on some important issues of life and death,” explained Editor and Publisher Anthony Rivera of Grey Matter Press. “Over sixteen days they’ll share a diverse selection of personal essays, editorial opinions, homages to master authors from the past, new horror fiction and a number of other surprises designed to offer insight on the topic of death and what may await us when we die.”

Participating in the DEATH’S REALM  Blog Tour are contributors to the anthology of the same name, published by Grey Matter Press. The volume of horror fiction features short stories whose themes include ghosts, hauntings, deadly apparitions, the mysteries of the afterlife, supernatural and paranormal activity, and some of the more provocative challenges that may await us once we step beyond the veil.

Those sharing their thoughts on death, dying and, in some cases, predicting their own demise, incliude two-time Bram Stoker Award winner Hank Schwaeble; Bram Stoker nominees JG Faherty and John F.D. Taff; editor-in-chief of Jamais Vu magazine Paul Michael Anderson; the critically acclaimed Jay Caselberg; masters of modern horror Aaron Polson, Gregory L. Norris and Martin Rose; disturbing horror co-authors Karen Runge and Simon Dewar; reader and reviewer favorites Brian Fatah Steele, John C. Foster and Jane Brooks; Lovecraft-inspired Rhoads Brazos; award-winning Jay O’Shea; and literary fiction author and playwright Matthew Pegg.

“It’s going to be exciting for horror fans to learn how the concept of death affects some their favorite authors, how those authors each interpret this event very differently and also how it resonates with them in their own lives, their work and that of their horror influencers,” said Rivera.

The DEATH’S REALM Blog Tour is a more than two-week investigation that begins Thursday, April 16th and runs through Friday, May 1.


DEATH’S REALM Blog Tour Schedule and Details
April 16 – May 1, 2015


Thursday, April 16
Serves up a terrifying free short story based on a real-life ghost encounter: “Early.”
Location: GreyMatterPress.com

Friday, April 17
Modern horror’s new King of Pain shares some thought-provoking ideas on reincarnation.
Location: JohnFDTaff.com

Saturday, April 18
Adds a special look inside his Lovecraft-inspired “Omniscopic” with a tantalizing alternative scene.
Location: GreyMatterPress.com

Sunday, April 19
Sits down to have a conversation with the great equalizer himself: Death.
Location: Matthew Pegg UK website

Monday, April 20
Pays homage to his horror fiction mentor in an moving essay on American author Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Location: GreyMatterPress.com

Tuesday, April 21
With a very dire addition, he reaches deep inside and predicts his own death…
Location: Gregory L. Norris Blog

Wednesday, April 22
Reveals the intricacies of death and what the end-of-all-things means to him.
Location: GreyMatterPress.com

Thursday, April 23
Steps into the mind of a character from “Mirrorworld” to share a unique view on death.
Location: MartinRose.org

Friday, April 24
Reveals everything you ever wanted to know about the spirit world.
Location: Dog-Style World Fu

Saturday, April 25
Ponders the concept of immortality in the only way he knows how: from the very ‘edge.’
Location: AaronPolson.net – Notes from the Field

Sunday, April 26
Offers his thoughts on the enduring influence of Edgar Allan Poe on horror and on his own work.
Location: GreyMatterPress.com

Monday, April 27
Takes a walk on the dangerous side and looks at how NOT to die…
Location: Karen Runge Blog

Tuesday, April 28
Investigates some proverbial sure things: death and taxes.
Location: GreyMatterPress.com

Wednesday, April 29
Explores the influence of Richard Matheson on his own wildly entertaining horror fiction.
Location: Paul Michael Anderson Blog – The Nothing-Space

Thursday, April 30
Looks far into the future for answers to the question of how he would prefer to meet his maker.
Location: JGFaherty.com

Friday, May 1
Shares his thoughts on the concept of death and whether it’s really all that is expected.
Location: Simon Dewar Blog


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