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Vamps: Dita Synthetic


My real name is Melanie. I am a sideshow performer, magician’s assistant, model, and escape artist. I have 13 piercing and go to college aspiring to be a psychiatrist. I first got involved with horror movies watching movies suck as Return of the Living Dead and the series of Dead movies, Nosferatu (Type O Negative version), House of 1000 Corpses, Legend (I don’t care what anybody says.That is horror to a young child.), Phantasm, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, and 9 of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy Krugar staring horror films. Those are just a few. I have always been drawn to the darker side of life. I am a goth who collects Living Dead Dolls and Terry Cruikshank Creations. I met Terry at the 2008 Inkin’ The Valley Sideshow Convention in Wilkes Barre, PA.

He gave me a doll because I knew almost every reference to his horror movie doll display. You can find him at www.terrycruikshank.com. Some of my all-time favorite horror movies would have to be The Imprint, and The Audition. My all-time favorite movie is A Clockwork Orange. I can be found on Model Mayhem, Myspace sideshowworld.com, Suicidal Beauties, Fixe Magazine, Mean Girls of Myspace Revamped, and themagicofstevehydeandmelanie.com.



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