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The Spookiest Games Ever!


Players of horror games simply don’t get enough kudos nowadays. Watch a horror film and whether you enjoy feeling scared or not, you only have to sit there for two hours or so. Play a horror game with gut-wrenching graphics, a shockingly good storyline and haunting sound and yes, you may get to have a break every now and again, but that’s often fourteen hours of fear the horror gamer must go through; horror gamers- we recognise your gusto! So which are the horror games that stand head and shoulders above the rest? Here are some of our favourites!

The Evil Within
Bring together Silent Hill, Resident Evil and a rusty chainsaw and you’ve got The Evil Within. Created by horror game great Shinji Mikami, the game places the player in a terrifyingly disturbing world where the protagonist is constantly hounded from all sides by chainsaw-wielding madmen, zombies and the occasional wall of spinning blades. Play this in with the lights off to earn extra man points!


Voodoo Magic
Ever since James Bond’s Live and Let Die, the world has been obsessing over voodoo priests, incantations and magic. Will my disgruntled neighbour create an effigy of me and stab me in the eyes repeatedly with pins? Will I become a puppet for a phantasmal voodoo master? Probably not, but uptownaces’ game, Voodoo Magic, might help those scared of Voodoo come to terms with the religion. Spin the lines and try and win big; believe me when I say the prizes are far better than a shrunken head or ceremonial knife!


Amnesia: The Dark Descent
You don’t want to play amnesia alone. That would be a terrible idea and you’d probably turn mad within a few minutes or so. In Amnesia, the player must explore a foreboding castle they find themselves in, avoiding monsters and solving puzzles in an effort to discover how the main character, Daniel, found himself in such terrible circumstances. A lot of the game is spent hiding in cupboards and behind crates hoping to god that you’re not discovered by the terrible monsters that roam the castle, but despite this is still an excellent game!


Until Dawn
Eight kids, one mountain cabin, one horrifying killer; Until Dawn has all the makings of a classic teen horror movie. Luckily, however, the game manages to escape the awful, well trodden tropes that doom most teen horror flicks, and puts the player in the driving seat, deciding which characters will be saved, and which will meet their doom in horrendous circumstances!



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