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Nigel Honeybone Goes To The Drive-In!

Drive-In postersI’m awfully proud to announce a rather exciting event taking place in Sydney, Australia at the Skyline Drive-In Blacktown, Friday the 13th of June at 6pm, only AUS$10 a skull…I mean head (all profits go to Westmead Children’s Hospital) for my very special presentation of the Australian premieres of Christopher R. Mihm‘s The Giant Spider (2013) plus The Late Night Double Feature (2014)!

Drive-In NigelDo you miss the old-fashioned fun of piling bodies into the car boot and watching schlocky movies at the local drive-in? I know I do, which is why I’m dragging the schlock out of your living room and back outdoors where it can do its filthy business, and not on your carpet. I have arranged for your enjoyment not one, but two Australian premieres to be screened on Friday the 13th of June at 6pm, at the recently resurrected sixties-style Skyline Drive-In off Cricketers Arms Road in Blacktown, Sydney, Australia.

Drive-In Late NightBe among the first to see The Giant Spider and The Late Night Double Feature – so that’s technically one and two-half movies – but at only ten dollars for you and each body in your boot, that’s a darn good-value night out. Well, the petrol getting there might be a bit pricey, but all profits go to Westmead Children’s Hospital, helping sick kids get better, so they can grow up to be tall posh skeletons just like me! So remember: Schlocky movies; Skyline Drive-In Blacktown in Sydney; Friday the 13th of June at 6pm; ten dollars a head; with me, Nigel Honeybone, the best thing to happen to drive-ins since the tinted window!

Skyline Drive-In Blacktown – http://www.eventcinemas.com.au/cinema/drive-in-blacktown

Drive-In Spider photosThe Giant Spider (2013) is an enormous killer arachnid created by everybody’s favourite mutagen, atomic radiation, so it’s up to a trio of scientists, a general, a journalist and his squeeze to figure out how to stop the crawling terror before it devours them all! On the menu is Mike Cook, Billie Jo Konze, James Norgard, Mark Haider, Daniel R. Sjerven, Shannon McDonough and Sid Korpi, so grab the largest can of Raid you have and watch as these enigmas of the silver screen fight for their lives in writer-director Christopher R. Mihm‘s ode to the mutated bugs of yesteryear! It’s got a fantastic monster, perfectly selected music, clever special effects, a few good laughs and a whole lot of fun. For all you fans of Classic Restos out there – yes, both of you – he’s even got something in there for you too, a whole bunch of great old vintage cars, including an awesomely gorgeous classic motorcycle complete with sidecar!

The Giant Spider trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeMHg5IaUg8

Drive-In X photosThe Late Night Double Feature (2014) is a double bill of fifties-style B-grade movies from writer-director Christopher R. Mihm, the Nuevo-Retro King of ‘New-Yet-Old Good-Yet-Bad’ films. Part one is entitled X The Fiend From Beyond Space, which takes place during a decades-long mission to Alpha Centauri. The crew of the UESPA spaceship Endeavour are awakened from LD-sleep to find themselves in orbit around a rogue planet. Finding nothing but a seemingly dead alien on the planet’s surface, the Captain decides to bring it aboard for further study. But, the crew quickly realise the creature is not dead, and it’s very hungry.

Drive-In Wall photosPart two is The Wall People, which focuses on a recently widowed scientist named Barney Collins (Douglas Sidney), who finds solace in his new role as a single dad to his only son. However, when the boy disappears from his bed under mysterious circumstances, Barney loses his grip on reality and becomes a shut-in. Eight years later, he resurfaces with a wild theory: His son has been taken by an otherworldly entity that steals sleeping children through inter-dimensional portals in their bedroom walls! He enlists the help of his old colleagues Doctor Edwards (Mike Cook) and Doctor Gabriel (James Norgard) to attempt to rescue his son from the clutches of this inhuman threat – or prove he’s certifiably insane!

The Late Night Double Feature trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqubAneYfuw

By the way, both The Giant Spider and The Late Night Double Feature are now available on both DVD and Blu-ray from http://www.sainteuphoria.com

Drive-In postersNigel Honeybone Goes To The Drive-In!

About Nigel Honeybone

"Rondo Award Winner Nigel Honeybone's debut was as Hamlet's dead father, portraying him as a tall posh skeleton. This triumph was followed in Richard III, as the remains of a young prince which he interpreted as a tall posh skeleton. He began attracting starring roles. Henry VIII was scaled down to suit Honeybone's very personalised view of this famous king. Honeybone suggested that perhaps he really was quite skeletal, quite tall, and quite posh. MacBeth, Shylock and Othello followed, all played as tall, skeletal and posh, respectively. Considering his reputation for playing tall English skeletons, many believed that the real Honeybone inside to be something very different, like a squat hunchback perhaps. Interestingly enough, Honeybone did once play a squat hunchback, but it was as a tall posh skeleton. But he was propelled into the film world when, in Psycho (1960), he wore women's clothing for the very first time. The seed of an idea was planted and, after working with director Ed Wood for five years, he realised the unlimited possibilities of tall posh skeletons who dressed in women's clothing. He went on to wear women's clothing in thirteen major motion pictures, including the Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and Star Wars (1977), heartbreaking as the remains of Aunt Beru. With the onslaught of special effects came the demise of real actors in these sorts of roles. After modeling for CGI skeletons in Total Recall (1990) and Toys (1992), the only possible step forward for a tall posh skeleton was television, imparting his knowledge and expertise of the arts. As well as writing for the world's best genre news website HORROR NEWS, Nigel Honeybone also presents the finest examples of B-grade horror on THE SCHLOCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW seen every Friday night on TVS Television Sydney." (Fantales candy wrapper)

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