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Horror Funding: BLACKED OUT! to Film This Summer

It isn’t what you think. . .

To begin shooting in Michigan this July for an early 2015 release, Blacked-Out! is the first film from Half-Empty Flicks.  Co-written and directed by Horrornews film critic and playwright Rob Getz, this is a twisted horror-comedy that must be seen to be believed!


Twentsomething slacker Chet (Gino Fracassa) drifts between our reality and an animated nightmare dimension during the lost time he experiences after a car accident has left him concussed.  He refuses to seek medical attention for his injury after meeting “The Girl” (Lauren English) in the alternate world, whose identity he becomes obsessed with uncovering during his waking hours.

Chet returns from each “brain vacation” completely unaware of what his actions entailed while he was unconscious.  These acts range from merely perverse to downright horrifying, and the fun for the audience is in discovering right along Chet just what it was he’d done!

Blacked Out! boasts an outstanding and hilarious cast of both stage performers (Ellie Wentzel, Riley Niler, Carolyn Clinton, David Welser) and screen pros such as Adam Maslak (With Nothing Left, Shelter: A Monster Movie) and Peter M. Howard of Bare and The Cabining as one of Chet’s hapless victims


A Lynchian head trip laced with eccentric, character-driven guffaws, Blacked Out! is destined to become one of the most-talked about indie films of next year.

Those who wish to be a part of this exciting creative venture can visit the Blacked Out! Indiegogo site at this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/blacked-out/x/6867192

Or, drop in on their Facebook page and give them a “like” of support: https://www.facebook.com/blackedoutbyhalfemptyflicks

About Rob Getz

Rob Getz was born poor and ugly in rural Michigan to a horror fanatic father and an incredibly good sport of a mother. He and his younger siblings spent countless weekend evenings ushered off in their pajamas by their parents to a local drive-in movie theater, where they were assured to be completely unconscious before the opening credits of the second film were finished rolling. Rob vaguely recalls these blurred images launching such classics as Ridley Scott's "Alien" and "The Changeling" through drooping eyelids. As he became older, he took the initiative nobody else in the Getz household had the moxie nor the energy to attempt and learned how to program their antiquated V.C.R. to record heavily edited horror films from one of the four available channels. Without these nocturnal bootlegs, there would have been no youthful introduction to the likes of "Re-Animator" or "Eraserhead." Rob wanted to be a part of this twisted universe from those days forward, regardless of the role he played. The tiniest, most insignificant cog in a machine is truly happy if it adores the machine. Even a critic.

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