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Podcast: Corpse Cast – Eps 83


There comes a time in everybody’s life where they have look themselves in the eye and wonder how strong they are at their core. When this person peels back their veneer and the persona that they show to the world and actually sees what they’re made of… Well folks, this episode is one of those tests.

Welcome to a four hour and sixteen minute episode of your favorite Horror Podcast. We’re talking about DieMonsterDie’s latest album called October 21, 1976. We actually have Meatwhistle, the drummer from the band, stop in for a quick interview (you may know him by the name Shane Diablo). We also do a lot of talking about goat butthole, anillingus, and all sorts of other awful things… you know… the norm. We’re talking about The Antichrist, a fairly decent The Exorcist ripoff from 1974.

Enjoy, and may God have mercy on your soul!

About Mike Cadaver

Mike has been an avid horror enthusiast for most of his life. As a child, he was forced to sneak out late to watch his favorite horror movies and pray his mommy and daddy didn't catch him. Now, although on the outside he looks like a well-adjusted husband and father with a day job, mortgage, and appearances to keep up, he still relishes the late nights he spends by himself watching horror movies. In his spare time, Mike hosts The Corpse Cast Podcast, and works with an internet Horror Channel called Zom-Bee TV

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