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Film Review: SXXX-80 (short film) (1980)


A very obscure little 8 minute piece bleached in sickly yellow tones that almost certainly gets under you skin with its irritating droning (repeated over and over again). Instantly it is pretty apparent that it is some kind of experimental film you might envision as a perhaps a portion of the clips seen in “The Ring” movie. Directed by Monte Cazazza, we watch a young lady snip at her privates while holding what looks to be a centipede directly over it.

I am not sure if this was meant to be some obscure form of experimental masochism, though it surely appears to be that. As we try and make out what’s truly going on it switches uncomfortably to a mid section framing showing a man injecting (or digging) into his penis. Self medicating? I sure hope that’s the case. Though really you can write this one off as a small shock value piece.

I found this one after its mention in more squeamish contexts of specialty forums. It can be found online but as I dug a little deeper it actually is a part of the equally obscure disturbing mess “First Transmission”.

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