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Haven’t heard anything from the master in a while, of course I’m talking about the one and only George Romero. Turns out he was in Chicago this past weekend at the Flashback Horror Weekend and the folks over at DAILY DEAD got a bit of a sit down with him and came away with some kick ass info.

Turns out he just completed the script on THE ZOMBIE AUTOPSIES and he’s looking to get started making the damn thing.

According to the site Romero responded like this when questioned about the project:

β€œActually, the day before I left to come here, I finished the script and talked to Schloz about it,” he explained. β€œHe approved it, so we sent it to my agents and they sent it around. You never know what’s going to happen, but it’s out in circulation and I hope it works out.”

Sounds like the first step is complete!

Romero wrote the screenplay based on Steven C. Schlozman’s book of the same name which tells the tale of a group of folks doing autopsies on zombies during an uprising in an attempt to figure out what the hell caused it and instead discover that the zombie apocalypse was caused by folks hoping to topple the world economy. Sounds like material right up Romero’s alley.

Romero went on to explain:

β€œI hope [‘The Zombie Autopsies’ is my next project],” Romero adds. β€œI never know what’s going to be next, because the one that’s going to be next is the one that finds the money first. I used to be the only guy in this playground, but now there’s too damn many. It’s very hard now, particularly with World War Z [the movie].”

Lets hope George finds a way to make this happen and I’ll keep you informed as info trickles in.


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