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Podcast: Corpse Cast – Eps 75

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to The Corpse Cast! It’s the newest podcast to have the great folks at HorrorNews.net have taken under their wing. As a small introduction, we have been going strong since January of 2012. Each episode we talk about one horror-related or hard-edged album from a variety of artists ranging from goth-folk to black metal music. We also discuss one horror or exploitation film per episode.

Your Hosts are Mike Cadaver and Shane Diablo. Mike, along with being a writer for HorrorNews.net works closely with a horror-based Roku Channel called Zom-Bee TV. Shane is the drummer for the world-famous graveyard shock and roll band DieMonsterDie!

MikeAndShaneJoin us for our debut episode on HorrorNews.net where we talk about one of the most talented guys you’ve never heard of in Dax Riggs as well as the only vampire movie that can possibly quench your RDAOGJ (Recommended Daily Allowance of Grace Jones) in 1986’s Vamp.

Ep75SlideDownload Episode 75 Directly or stream the episode here!

While you’re at it, why don’t you check out the following?:

About Mike Cadaver

Mike has been an avid horror enthusiast for most of his life. As a child, he was forced to sneak out late to watch his favorite horror movies and pray his mommy and daddy didn't catch him. Now, although on the outside he looks like a well-adjusted husband and father with a day job, mortgage, and appearances to keep up, he still relishes the late nights he spends by himself watching horror movies. In his spare time, Mike hosts The Corpse Cast Podcast, and works with an internet Horror Channel called Zom-Bee TV

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