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Trailer: Evil Dead (2013) Featurette – Trying Things Out

Trailer: Evil Dead (2013) Featurette – Trying Things Out

Featurette Evil Dead (2013)”Trying Things Out”


  1. This film was seriously bad, and I don’t mean evil. It was bad as in ridiculously hard to watch and unimpressive.

    Some of the ‘effects’ where ok, but the casting, story, and logistics were beyond acceptable. The original Evil Dead leaves this film dead.

    Some notes;

    Who would have an air compressor nail gun, without it being hooked up, as a legitimate horror weapon and shoot out conventional nails? Is this a Y-Generation thing to have lack of detail?

    Who would allow a hand-crafted book film prop of occultic scripts and drawings to look commercially printed with some blood stains and heavy metal style red writing. It doesn’t make sense. Maybe look to Leonardo Da Vinci for some inspiration of how hand made books and research appears, or even copy the original Evil Dead book.

    Who would set the premise of the film of two guys and girls coming to a hut surrounded with trees, without a plot to be in such a dull looking place. Are they hunters. Is there some attraction nearby? Yeah it’s claimed they were there in younger days, but still.

    Out of 10 I give this film 3.

  2. Ok watched start again and the nail gun is shown as operating without an air compressor and is implied to be a cordless type. My mistake, but still it shoots conventional nails.

    For some reason they have returned to the hut after one of their mother died. The girl also wants to vow to not take drugs again in front of the others/friends.

    Most guys would struggle to get girls to want to stay in this hut. The whole area is non-attractive.


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