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Teaser Trailer: Ditch Day Massacre

New Teaser Vid For DITCH: Oberst And An Axe
(With 12 Flicks In One Year, Is This The Hardest Working Man In Horror?)

A new teaser vid for the film Ditch has posted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7dpPjCe8kA and the movie’s lead actor is slicing his way through more than half-naked nubile bodies: Bill Oberst Jr. is swinging for the title of Hardest Working Man In Horror.

Oberst is on track to complete roles in 12 independent horror/thriller movies by year’s end. The Los Angeles-based actor has just arrived in the woods of Kentucky to start shooting his 6th feature film of the year (The Dooms Chapel Horror) and is cast in 6 more genre features slated to go before the cameras in 2013. Oberst is already attached to 6 horror projects scheduled for shooting in 2014 and he has lead roles in 4 expected to be released this fall.

Thus far in 2013, Oberst has wrapped murderous, demonic or just plain creepy turns in Jason Hull’s Krampus: The Christmas Devil, Shane Wheeler’s The Fetish Set, Joseph Stachura’s Scream At The Devil, Jesse Baget’s The Black Water Vampire and Joe Hendricks’ Ditch. After John Holt’s The Dooms Chapel Horror, he’ll move on to Adam R. Steigert’s A Grim Becoming, Billy Pon’s Circus Of The Dead, two Todd E. Freeman films, Love Sick and the sequel to Cell Count entitled Cell Count 2: Blood Count, Edward Payson’s Squeal: The Harvest and Randy Fabert’s Autumn Moon.

So far in 2014, Oberst is scheduled to shoot Mark Savage’s Circus Of Dread, Jimmyo Burril’s The Bloody Clementines, Carl Lindbergh’s Blood Angel, Gregory Blair’s The Straying, Patrick O’Bell’s Lost Canyon Road and Joe Hendrick’s Lord Bateman.

After Dark Films has picked up Jordan McClure’s festival favorite Children Of Sorrow, with a wide release date announcement expected soon. Oberst won a Best Actor Award for his lead performance in McClure’s film at the Shockfest Film Festival in Hollywood. His lead turns in Michael Bonomo’s Assassins, Gregory Blair’s Deadly Revisions and Trevor Juenger’s Coyote will all start hitting festival screens late this year.

On the non-horror front, Oberst’s role as a 19th century bounty hunter in Chris Eska’s The Retrieval played the SXSW Festival in Austin this year and got the actor his first mention in the industry trade mag Variety (“Oberst is chilling”) and his second Hallmark Channel TV-movie for director Michael Landon Jr. was a big ratings success over Mother’s Day weekend.

Oberst’s IMDb page lists 100 credits over the last 5 years. He’s best-known as the Facebook Stalker in director Jason Zada’s Emmy Award-winning ap Take This Lollipop and for his Lincoln in Richard Schenkman’s Asylum film Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies.

The actor, whom director Mark Savage says “has been deservedly called the new Lon Chaney,” enjoys the workload. “In the last 6 months I’ve chopped off a topless chick’s hand, killed a dozen people, had a bound woman spit in my face and kissed Lynn Lowry’s bloody corpse,” says Oberst “and it’s only June. I thank God for every minute. I love horror.”

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