Celldweller Announces 10 Year Anniversary Release | Behind The Scenes Web Series

Detroit, MI – Independent Artist/Producer Celldwellerhas just announced a double-album deluxe edition reissue of his self-titled debut release in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the career defining record, along with a YouTube web series of Behind-The-Scenes videos showing the making of the album, interviews & rare/unreleased footage.

Available everywhere on June 11th, 2013, the Celldweller album reissue will give fans access to an unreleased song, “Uncrowned,” originally written in 2000 for the debut release, but which sat incomplete until recent months when Klayton (Celldweller) prepared special material for the reissue.

(Can’t See The Video? Watch Here)

In addition to looking back at the original 18-song release, which originally debuted as the #17 Billboard Internet Sales Chart Album and saw every track licensed to major Film/TV/Video Games, such as Spider-Man 2, Constantine, Doom, Catwoman, The Punisher, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Hills Have Eyes 2, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Enter The Matrix, CSI, UFC, The Shield and dozens more, the deluxe edition will treat fans to over a full hour of rare/unreleased bonus tracks, from b-sides to remixes and unreleased demos.

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About The Celldweller 10 Year Anniversary Release

The self-titled debut that started it all has turned ten.

At the dawn of the new millennium, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Klayton created Celldweller, a ground-breaking aural entity for the next age. Thriving on originality, Celldweller cross-bred electronic styles such as Drum’n’Bass and Psy-Trance with modern Alternative Rock and Metal on his self-titled debut, released independently in 2003.

The Celldweller album met with critical acclaim while climbing to #17 on the Billboard Internet Sales Chart. Celldweller gained Top 40 Metal Radio charting with the track “I Believe You” pulling into a solid 11th place on the R&R Alternative Specialty Show Chart. Achieving a feat shared by only an elite handful of albums, every song on Celldweller was eventually licensed for use in popular media. These songs were heard in movie trailers, TV shows, and games such as Spider-Man 2, Constantine, Doom, Catwoman, The Punisher, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Hills Have Eyes 2, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Enter The Matrix, CSI, UFC, The Shield, and more.

Now, Celldweller has been reissued to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its release with updated artwork and a second disc of remixes, demos, and previously unheard rarities (all remastered for this release). While Klayton busies himself in his Detroit studio preparing the future of Celldweller for 2013, celebrate the past with this monumental work.

Double-disc CD includes a six-panel fold-out poster!

Pre-Order Now:

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