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Podcast: Monster Movie Podcast – Eps 45

Welcome to the Monster Movie Podcast. Join us this week for theatrical double feature with The Call and Stoker. This is episode 45 recorded March 20, 2013 with your host Doc Rotten.

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First up is The Call from Brad Anderson who direction the fantastic, often overlooked Session 9. The film features Halle Berry as a 911 operator working in the L.A. base called the Hive and Abigail Breslin as a young girl kidnapped by a serial killer.

Next up is Stoker from acclaim Korean director Park Chan-wook featuring Nicole Kidman as a recently widowed woman who falls for her dead husband’s brother (played by Matthew Goode) and begins to fear her daughter is more than she ever feared she would be. Her daughter in the film is played by Mia Wasikowska previously seen in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

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