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HorrorNews.net Goes “Responsive”

Hey there readers!

The term might elude a few of you, however we at HorrorNews.net care about bringing the latest and best options for our readers. As part of that statement we have moved our web site over to a brand new “Responsive” design model. In short “responsive” is a new technology that reformats to iPad, tablets and iPhone platforms while retaining its Desktop version all in one design…coool eh?

This means less messy scrolling and more focus on reading!

As the move towards mobile versions of websites became important, it also created a bit of a quandary (which was the maintenance and creation of 2 web sites on one site). In steps “responsive” using the latest HTML 5, CSS3 and forms of Java script….and from that a new trend to support multiple users, platforms and screen sizes (go ahead resize your browser window to see it in action!!)

In fact, we expect to most likely see this move from EVERY news site (sooner or later)

In any case, we wanted to be able to get more information, quicker, cleaner and sharper to our readers so that our writers hard work can be appreciated.

We hope you like the new direction and stay with us as we adjust to growth, demand, and a few bumps along the way!

Michael BoneDigger

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