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Book Review: Shady Palms – Author Allen Dusk

Author Allen Dusk takes the reader on a wild ride in his debut novel, Shady Palms.  The story takes place at the Shady Palms Motel in El Cajon, California.  The seedy motel’s owner, Sanjay, has a history of concealing his own dark deeds.  Little does he know that something much more sinister lurks behind the walls of his motel.

This book features one of the most dreaded guests of all – the bed bug.  Making the mistake of reading this book before bed, it really gives you the creeps.  The motel is as sleazy as it gets with prostitutes, drug abusers and the like.  It even captures the attention and temporary home of Mandhur, a terrorist.

Dusk finds a way to mix terrorism and bed bugs into a horrifying tale.  Before Sanjay knows it, FBI agents have ordered the evacuation of the Shady Palms Motel, and quarantine is set up with a three-block radius.  Neighborhood residents are advised to stay inside as the FBI spokesperson announces the discovery of a possible radioactive substance.

This book is recommended to horror genre fans, and the book won’t disappoint with the “chill factor.”  Look for much more from this author in the future, as he’s a great storyteller of dark fiction.

For more information:  http://www.allendusk.com

Book Review:  Shady Palms – Author Allen Dusk

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