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Alien Abduction Creeper Lands with New Dark Skies Trailer

Hadn’t heard about this one till tonight but I’m glad I gave it a look. I’m always a big mark for a good alien abduction yarn and this one looks pretty damn good.

DARK SKIES is coming at us from Blumhouse Productions who are the creepy bastards behind flicks like SINISTER and Rob Zombie’s next one, THE LORDS OF SALEM. They’ve also had their hands in the whole PARANORMAL ACTIVITY craze so these folks have been around the horror block a while.

Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton lend their ample talents to this tale of a young suburban couple whose home gets repeatedly invaded by an alien presence and find that no one wants to believe that their family is in danger. Obviously they have to do what they have to do and they take matters into their own hands to rid themselves of the nasty aliens.

Scott Stewart directs and judging from what you are about to see, this one is going to rock.

DARK SKIES is slated for a Feb. 22nd, 2013 debut.

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  1. Hi Dave, nice review. The trailer surelly looks amazing.

    Good reviews you got here, got a fan over here.


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