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Lord Bateman Coming In 2014

Lord Bateman

“The truth is in their tears.”

Hollywood, Los Angeles – Lord Bateman is a horror film currently in development from Dismal Productions. This title is slated for a 2014 release and the film stars Bill Oberst Jr. (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies). Oberst Jr. plays Bateman, a noble who sees himself more as a demon than a mortal. He stalks Europe in search of ever more victims to act out his devilish ways. Early production has involved a photo shoot with actresses Anna Pullig and Alice Orozco participating. Make-up artist Mark Andrews (Kaboom) has lent his talents and litres of blood to the shoot, as well. His work can be seen in the photos below. And, these stills have been brought together in a short video, which shows the film’s dark tone and proficiency in the creation of demonic makeup. This is truly an evil production.

Actor Oberst Jr. has something to say of the film’s story. Lord Bateman is set in the 16th Century. It is in Europe where Bateman seeks out and dismembers his victims. Is Lord Bateman a demon with evil powers or merely a mortal caught in delusion? Actor Oberst Jr. says of the film’s evil and of his character: “I believe in Satan…and I know from personal experience that he is a liar and a thief.” Decide Bateman’s fate and conscience with this short production video, which is waiting below!

The film’s official synopsis is here:

“Lord Bateman is a man of royal lineage who is plagued by visions of himself as a demon. He comes to believe that he actually is a demon, cursed to live a human existence as punishment for some infraction down below. The question is whether he is right…or delusional. Of course, to his victims it matters little (Dismal Productions).”

Bill Oberst Jr. as “Lord Bateman” from Bill Oberst Jr. on Vimeo.

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