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October 30th Marks ‘Devil’s Night’ with DVD Release – New Stills

Devil’s Night is sure to be a killer release this Halloween season as Mindscape Films & Nictophobia Films finally unleash their long awaited slasher opus of the same name. “Devil’s Night,” is being distributed in Canada by Black Fawn Distribution (“If A Tree Falls”) and is set for release fittingly enough on Tuesday October 30, 2012. “Devil’s Night” is a retro blast of blood splattering fun that recoils back to the 70’s and 80’s with a slaughterhouse of homages that horror fans will scream for. The movie stars Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Hatchet II & III), Shawn Roberts (George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead, Resident Evil: Retribution), Steve Byers (House of the Dead, Total Recall 2012) and Boyd Banks (Dawn of the Dead 2004, George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead, Hellmouth). “Devil’s Night” is an entertaining, scary horror romp that will inevitably become part of every horror fan’s annual
Halloween celebration.

The movie tells the story of five frat boys who are involved in a Halloween prank that ends in murder. They keep the accident a close secret until Devil’s Night the following year when a mysterious assailant begins stalking them with a vengeance. One by one the college students start to disappear and, with nowhere to turn, the surviving friends are forced to involve the authorities who are already busy hunting Michael Lymburner, a local serial killing pig farmer. With the police convinced that the murders are somehow linked to Lymburner, the frat boys believe that the killer is someone else, someone who must have witnessed the crime they committed the year before.

“I was talking with my brother about creating a movie around a local mansion we could use as a shooting location,” explains writer/director Christopher Harrison. “It immediately reminded us of the frat house in “Night of the Creeps,” one of our favorite films of that period. One thing led to another and I quickly suggested paying homage to all of the films that we grew up loving by  adding in a masked killer, a scream queen and an array of genre homages that will surely be noticed by horror fans around the world.”  “We jumped on this film as soon as we watched it,” says Black Fawn Distribution founder Chad Archibald. “We’re also huge fans of 80’s horror and this movie brought us back to the days where we would pop in VHS tapes and watch a masked killer torment a small town’s youth. Well, that and the fact that the iconic Danielle Harris is in it!” The “Devil’s Night” DVD comes packed with loads of special features including a Q&A with director Christopher Harrison and star Danielle Harris, behind the scenes and artwork slideshows, audio commentary, trailers and an exclusive audio player featuring music from the film including Monster Truck, The Creepshow, Saint Alvia, The Reason and more. Copies of “Devil’s Night” can be purchased now on DVD or as part of a limited edition package at:


The “Devil’s Night” trailer can be seen here:

The “Devil’s Night” DVD can be purchased here:

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