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Ghost Hunter/Writer Steiger Picks Most Authentic Films

As we round out our review of Brad’s latest read “Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places“, (to be posted soon), we caught wind of a new artile by Brad just posted that details his most authentic ghost film movie picks.

Here is a snippet:

For Your Halloween Chills….

The Uninvited (1943)–I first saw this motion picture when I was seven years old and some of the scenes left an indelible impression upon me. I have the film in our video collection and have seen it many times, on each occasion savoring the intelligent and superbly paced script by Frank Partos and Dodie Smith that is at once eerie, compelling, and chilling. As one who has studied and investigated the paranormal for over 50 years, The Uninvited remains, in my opinion, one of the most authentic depictions of haunting phenomena ever placed on film. The principals, Ray Milland and Ruth Hussy, do a splendid job of portraying two intelligent, rational people, who must deal with a place occupied by an evil entity.

Roderick Fitzgerald (Milland) and his sister Pamela (Hussey) purchase a home on the Cornish coast of England that has been abandoned for many years. While Roderick goes off to London on business, Pamela soon discovers that the house is haunted. Gail Russell (a lovely, tragic actress who later committed suicide) plays Stella Meredith, a young woman with mediumistic abilities, whose mysterious past is inextricably linked with the old house and the restless spirits within its dark corridors. Directed by Lewis Allen, the film was adapted from the novel by Dorothy Macardle and includes a strong supporting cast of Donald Crisp, Cornelia Otis Skinner, and Alan Napier. Special effects are virtually nonexistent. The film is extremely subtle in presenting the spirits, and therein lies much of its power to seize the imagination and to provoke genuine chills. Wisely, director Allen never overplays his hand, but concentrates on allowing the audience to feel the mysterious threat from the spirit world along with the actors

Though you can read his full article posted here

I’m not surprised that films like “The Changeling” and “The Haunting” were on there since they arrive from inspirations of nonfiction.

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