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Motionless in White “Creatures” Vinyl Giveaway

Now, I told you that we had another MIW treat for this Halloween.Β  Fearless Records in addition to those awesome T-Shirts, have also offered a Super Cool Vinyl of “Creatures” for some lucky HorrorNews.net junkie. Oh yeah, I wanted to thank all the MiW fans for blowing up my email with replies to the MIW T-Shirt Giveaway.Β  Keep Em’ Coming!!!!!Β Β  Here the good news.Β Β  All you freaks that emailed me yesterday,Β  I’ll keep you emails in the drawing for the Creatures Vinyl too.Β Β  So, You have a change to win either the T-Shirt or the Vinyl now.Β Β  If you didn’t enter the giveaway yet, here’s what you need to do.Β  Email joyhorror@msn.com and put MIW Halloween in the subject line and in the body of the email put your full name and complete mailing address (no PO Box numbers).Β  United States Only.

One Last Thing.Β Β  There’s still something else with Chris Motionless from Motionless In White.Β  Stay Tuned.


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