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Trailer: Buggin’ (2013) Teaser

Sam’s boring summer is brightened when the beautiful Mary moves in next door, but things get complicated when Sam discovers a terrible secret about her parents. He must fight to prevent their nefarious plans for their daughter in this wry suburban twist on monster movies and teenage romance.


  1. The BUGGIN’ movie is so freaky! I seriously think Christopher and his special makeup FX crew ought to make ‘BUGGIN 2,’ ‘BUGGIN 3,’ ‘BUGGIN 4,’ ‘BUGGIN 5,’ and ‘BUGGIN 6’ sequels, and the makeup FX artists should do seventy or eighty more makeup air-bladders FX and more creature FX to do the body bulging transformations to the bug monster transformations. Hope Christopher will keep up the good work and make many, many short monster mutant films real soon.

  2. I hope that sooner Christopher will do his next few good works making many more great monster special-FX and do hundreds of Body Inflation Air-Bladders special effects horror movies.


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