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Anticipating After Birth Demon Baby

Killer Special FX Pictures Are So Gross, It Might Be Illegal!

Los Angeles, CA—September 15, 2012—The makers of the upcoming horror indie After Birth laugh at anyone who thinks they know what to expect from the film’s gore and Special FX. The teaser trailer shows us some filth and blood (see for yourself: www.afterbirththemovie.com!), but after hearing exclusive reactions to the much talked about demon baby, you’ll agree there’s much more to this low budget creature feature.

The actual pictures of the little guy are being kept under guard in a secured vault 20 feet underground… or maybe it just feels that way. The filmmakers are being ultra-secretive about what details they’re willing to reveal, and here’s why:

It seems that details of this film are borderline obscene. A picture of this baby or a storyboard of [omitted for your protection] might induce such shock and offense, that the ladies over at DangerBitch Films have been advised against sharing any graphic images before the film is released next year.

When asked if this protocol bothers them, director Tara Robinson answered, “I’m just looking forward to when people actually get to see it! This is a twisted movie, but that’s what makes it fun.” Producer Leesa Rowland said, “Even though we’re anxious to show off what we’re doing, I can understand that some people will find these images extremely disturbing. People who want to see them will go see the film.”

Welcoming Special FX artist Mark Villalobos (www.monster-effects.com) to the team was a no-brainer for Rowland and Robinson, and their decision is already paying off. These gore-loving gals are extra excited knowing that the film’s main attraction is in the hands of such a capable fabricator who has so much passion for nightmare-inducing monsters, he’s made it his life’s work. Villalobos has worked on creations for The Black Eyed Peas, Marilyn Manson, and the film The Devil’s Rejects- just to name a few. As promised before, After Birth is going to be a bloody, scary, monster-filled gore fest!

About After Birth:

After Birth is a gritty and heartbreaking story of a young homeless woman who births a flesh-eating demonic baby that she must battle for her own survival. The film goes into production early November 2012. Principal photography is taking place in downtown Los Angeles and surrounding areas with an expected release date is in May 2013. To learn more, go to www.AfterBirthTheMovie.com.


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