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The Profane Exhibit: Updates with a Bloody Disgusting Still to Ruin your Day

New Update on The Profane Exhibit arrives with some disgusting photos you wont want to see

Ruggero Deodato join “Coffin Joe”, Nacho Vigalondo, Ryan Nicholson, Andrey Iskanov, Michael Todd Schneider, Sergio Stivaletti, Marian Dora,Yoshihiro Nishimura, Richard Stanley, and Uwe Boll as directors of segments of The PROFANE EXHIBIT. Many more to still be announced

The Profane Exhibit is an extreme international horror anthology film that was conceived, written, and produced by David Bond and Manda Manuel. Legendary horror writer Ray Garton wrote the wraparound segment, and Scott Swan (Showtime’s Masters of Horror) wrote the screenplay. Jeremy Kasten, director of such films as the recent Wizard of Gore remake, serves as the film’s editor.

We just finished shooting one of our secret directors Ruggero Deodato Segment “Bridge”  is an Italian film director and screen writer, best known for directing violent and gory horror films. Deodato is infamous for his 1980 film Cannibal Holocaust.This is his return to horror after leaving it in the 80’s

Soundtrack is done by Killjoy of the death metal band Necrophagia
Our facebook address is www.facebook.com/profaneexhibit


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