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Trailer: Heretic (2012)

Heretic is the chilling tale of Father James Pallister, a Priest who fails to accept responsibility for the death of a teenage girl in his Parish and is subsequently trapped and tormented by those he should have saved

Rather than relying on the violence and gore present in recent horror films, Heretic modernises the scares and visuals of classic horrors of the 1960s. Using the same technique these films employed, the true horror in Heretic is either masked in shadow or takes place off-screen, making it all the more terrifying for an audience who draw on their own worse fears to fill in the blanks. This allows the film to be low budget, contemporary and stomach-clenchingly tense.

The movie has had significant time and talent invested in the script, cast, locations and production design. Footage was shot on the popular Red One camera (used on The Hobbit and the Alien prequel Prometheus), giving cinema-quality visuals at a fraction of the cost of shooting on film. Mod Scientists recruited a team of young talented crew skilled in the art of achieving the most with very little, in order to create an amazing and terrifying movie with a tiny budget.

Despite the Writer / Director (Peter Handford) and Producer (Bethany Clift) both working full time outside of the production of the movie, they have managed to take Heretic from original concept to first edit in under eighteen months. Bethany also found time to give birth during pre-production for the movie and acted as Production Manager on the shoot even though her son was only twelve weeks old!

Heretic has received no government funding and the entire shoot has been privately financed through shares sold in the finished movie. Despite having a budget more traditionally associated with the catering department of a Hollywood movie, Heretic does not look or feel typically ‘low budget’, is not grainy or documentary style, has an incredible script and an outstanding performance from lead actor Andrew Squires; all ingredients that combine to make the movie feel like a major studio production.

Peter Handford says ‘I am incredibly excited about the release of our teaser trailer. This is our first opportunity to show the quality of the film that we have produced and to prove our missive that money doesn’t matter. The teaser is just a snippet of the thrilling experience that people can expect when they come to see the film at the cinema.’

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