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Game Review: Hellboy Slots Game

The Hellboy movies, directed by Guillermo Del Toro and starring Ron Perlman and Selma Blair, have managed to retain the cult audience of the original comic books while also opening the story and characters to a new wider audience. The degree to which Hellboy is now a part of mainstream culture is reflected in the fact that there is now a popular online slots game based on the story and characters. The Hellboy slots game has five reels, plus a 20 payline video slot featuring the title character, created by writer Mike Mignola.

One of the first things to notice about the Hellboy slots game is that it presents the user with an excellent chance of winning, given that it offers a potential thirty seven combinations that can win. There are a variety of symbols that can win you a payout on this game, with the Hellboy symbol in red letters fulfilling the wild card role, and the  stone fist as the scatter symbol. The game offers symbols based on all of the major characters featured in the original comic books and the films – including Liz Sherman, Johann Krause, Professor Trevor Brutenholm and Abe Sapien, in addition to also featuring symbols based on high value playing cards. It should also be noted that the quality of  the graphics used to represent these characters is extremely high – evidence that the game is intended to satisfy fans of the books and films, alongside those with a passion for slots.

When it comes to bonus features, the Hellboy slots game also delivers, providing a number of different options in this respect. Firstly there is the Supermode feature, which provides the user with up to 10 free spins, and which is activated on a random basis. There are also bonus games including the Hellboy Gamble Game that allows the user to  potentially double their winnings, and the Bonus Game; triggered by the user scoring 3 or more of the stone fist symbols within any set of reels.

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Game Review: Hellboy Slots Game

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