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Darkchylde (2013) Movie Poster (Version 01)

Darkchylde (2013) Movie Poster (Version 01)


  1. I don’t care if he’s directing it or not. When the hell did Darkchylde become Carpenters intellectual property and not Randy Green’s? It’s not like Halloween where he took a vague premise about murdering babysitters and turned it into a masterpiece. This is a fully developed character and it pisses me off that there are no mentions of Randy Green.

    • good point, but it is a common marketing trend to bring in viewers by citing the director or producer if noteworthy. Carpenter like Wes Craven is great marketing leverage over the 100’s of other films that arrive each month. As per the filmakers, really want the best return they can drive

  2. Oh I understand why they do it.

    John Carpenter= Well know, popular, $$$
    Randy Green = Who?

    I just don’t like the implications that it’s his brainchild. But I suppose as long as Randy’s getting his fat paycheck and people can still use Google, no harm done right?


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