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Trailer: Breathless (2012) Red Band

Trailer: Breathless (2012) Red Band

Breathless is a dark and violent story that follows Lorna (Gershon) a strong-willed Texas woman who’s had enough of her untrustworthy husband Dale’s (Kilmer) criminal acts and lack of husbandry.

Fed up, she enlists the help of her old friend, Tiny (Giddish), to help her figure out what to do with Dale after his latest double-cross. The girls brainstorm about what to do with the hapless Dale while they medicate themselves with only the best of prescriptions, Tennessee whiskey – which leads them to bigger problems. When Sheriff Cooley (Liotta) inconveniently enters the conundrum, the story evolves into a tale of revenge and survival that resolves in true Texas fashion: bold and ruthless.

One comment

  1. Absolutely brilliant!!!

    HOLY COW I’M IN TRAILER HEAVEN!!!!! Film Trailer…not the double-wide kind lol

    Love it…there is still some fun dark comedy creativity left in the world!

    Even fat Kilmer looks to be having a hell of a time…for a little while lol

    Gershon looks/sounds amazing in a role I’d never imagined her in…should be nomination worthy simply based on the few trailer scenes!

    Did I mention I love this film/trailer?


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