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The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie Official Teaser Trailer Released!

Blackflight Studios, of Cordele GA is proud to announce the release of an Official teaser trailer for its feature horror/thriller film, “The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie”. The film stars, Mandi Christine Kerr, Chase Steven Anderson, Christina Pykles, Josh Sinyard, Jessie Bockenek.

The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie is the story of a real urban legend in South GA, involving an old church off the outskirts of town said to be haunted by the ghost of a Native American girl who was tortured and murdered there. The movie puts a new spin on the tale by telling the story of a local girl, Mattie; who becomes haunted by the spirit of Maggie, after her dad unknowingly purchases the piece of real estate where the alleged murder took place. The locals believe the ghost of a girl with only seven toes, still exists at the location nicknaming her “Seven Toe Maggie”. Mattie meets a group of ragtag paranormal investigators she convinces to help her uncover the mystery behind the legend.

The movie is unique in that it utilizes a real urban legend, surrounding a real location is Georgia. The film is a unique combination of both cinematic storytelling and found footage.

The film has just wrapped production and is currently in post. The production company has just released an official Teaser trailer, that can be seen here:

The movie will tour the festival circuit, and has already garnered interest from several distributors.

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