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Trailer: Ass Studios Presents 4 Short Films (2012)

Trailer: Ass Studios Presents 4 Short Films (2012)

“It Elf” Reverend Jen and filmmaker Courtney Fathom Sell are pleased to announce the formation of ASS Studios (“Art Star Scene Studios”) the most Lo-Fi, underfunded motion picture studio in the history of filmmaking!

This “Dreamworks of the Lower East Side” (minus millions of dollars) promises satire, sleaze, pants-pissing laughs and more art stars than you can shake a d*ck at! Featuring some of the most amazingly beautiful and talented performers and artists the LES has to offer including as Rev Jen, Faceboy, Mangina, Stormy Leather, Robert Prichard, Moonshine Shorey, Fem Appeal, Reina Terror, and the photographic talent of Jason ‘Jboy’ Thompson.

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