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The Top 10 Most Overrated Horror Movies of all Time (in my modest opinion)

Okay, so I am sure that I am about to ignite a sh*t storm that will most likely include me getting tons of hate male threatening me and calling me a ton of derogatory names (as well as questioning my taste in movies and my sanity in general), but I wanted to put this list together anyway. Without further ado, here is my list of the 10 most overrated horror movies of all time that most people absolutely love…

10. Alien
I have never been into horror films that had science fiction elements to them, so as a result I just never got into Alien. I remember seeing an ad for it in the newspaper when I was around four or five-years old and thinking that it looked pretty spooky, and when my older cousin stopped by for a visit after seeing it in the theater and told us how great it was I was more than a little curious about it. My older sister was terrified of the thought of anything having to do with U.F.O.’s and alien life forms while we were growing up (and remains so to this very day), so in my young mind I pictured this movie being the scariest thing imaginable. This was before the days of video stores so I had no choice but to wait to see it because my parents weren’t the type to take their kid who wasn’t even old enough to go to kindergarten to see a R rated movie that was scaring the living sh*t out of adults world -wide who were brave enough to venture to the theater to see it. I finally saw it years later when I was 11 on VHS…and couldn’t have been more disappointed.

It wasn’t scary at all. I wasn’t the bravest kid in the world (I was terrified of Jason and Michael at the time and movies like Bells and The Mausoleum had caused me countless nightmares) and I wasn’t remotely frightened by it. As a matter of fact I was bored sh*tless by it and was just eager for it to finally end so that my mom and I could pop Pieces (which ended up being a lot scarier) into the VCR.

I know a lot of people love this movie (as well as some of the sequels), but I am not one of them. I watched it again recently and almost feel asleep a couple of times. I somehow managed to get through it, but it wasn’t a fun (or scary) experience for me. I’m not knocking it as I didn’t despise it, but at the same time I am not a fan of it either. I think that the main reason I wasn’t into it is because I just have a different taste in horror movies and what scares me is quite different from what scares the people who were freaked out by this film.

9. Silence of the Lambs
I was in high school when this came out and everyone and their cousin was flocking to the local theater in droves to see this movie. I wasn’t really that impressed with the trailer so I held out on seeing it until it was on video. The night that I watched it I actually fell asleep about halfway into it and ended up finishing it the next day (which was a painful task to be honest). I dig Anthony Hopkins and think that he is a great actor even his excellent performance couldn’t save the movie for me. I know I am most likely going to piss a lot of people off with this one since it seems that everyone in the world loves it but me, but I just couldn’t get into it.

8. Seven
I’ll admit that I was curious about this one and thought that it sounded like it had a kick ass premise. Then I saw who was in it and I lost all hope for it. Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman and Gwyneth Paltrow and loud-mouthed and annoying R. Lee Ermey are all up there with Nicholas Cage as the actors that I hate the most, so I knew before I saw it that I wasn’t going to like it based on the cast alone. My ex-girlfriend and I went and saw it at a $1.00 theater about a month or so after it was released and I still felt like I got ripped off. It was boring, too long, and tried way too hard to gross people out. I remember someone I worked with talking about how gruesome it was and I just had to chuckle as compared to films like Cannibal Holocaust, Make them Die Slowly, and Guinea Pig: Devil’s Experiment the violence and gore level in Seven is about as hardcore as your average episode of Sesame Street. This film is a prime example of a movie not being very good but everyone claiming that they love it because it is the “in” thing to do. If you honestly do love it I apologize, but I just don’t understand the love personally.

7. Candyman
I love Tony Todd and he was a class act when I met him a few years ago but to this day I can’t for the life of me figure out why this movie is so loved. It isn’t scary by any stretch of the imagination and I have always found it to be rather dull. I know people who are scared to death by the mere mention of it, something else I can’t quite wrap my head around as I didn’t find it even remotely creepy. As a matter of fact I don’t think that the character is intimidating at all and when I first watched it when I was in college I expected to have the piss scared out of me after hearing others who had seen it before me talk about it, but it did pretty much nothing for me. It isn’t really a bad movie so to speak, but I was just hoping for a lot more considering the hype that this movie had around the time of its release.

6. Day of the Dead
I love George Romero. He is a nice guy and a true legend in the horror industry. However, I am just not that into some of his movies, and Day of the Dead is probably my least favorite film that he has done. I like Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead just fine, but I personally found Day of the Dead to be mind-numbingly boring. I thought that there was too much time spent on the soldiers hiding underground and not enough cool zombie attacks taking place. The whole thing with Bub and the plot that revolved around trying to domesticate the zombies was silly and the film in general is just dull. It takes forever for anything interesting to happen and by that point I just didn’t care anymore when I first watched it. I actually watched it again not too long ago and still wasn’t impressed with it. I don’t want to knock Romero, his work, or his legions of fans, but I just don’t see the appeal of this movie.

5. Poltergeist
This was another movie that was supposed to be so scary that if you watched it you had to wear a diaper to keep from sh*tting yourself. The trailer was pretty damn creepy and it freaked me out a little when I was a kid, but after watching it on cable one night about a year after it was in theaters I thought that as opposed to being scary it was pretty funny. The whole thing reeks of Steven Spielberg (the most overrated director in the history of film in my opinion) and while the great Tobe Hooper has directing credit I think that Spielberg probably took over and did most of the directing himself. I thought that it was just cheesy as hell and there was really nothing about it that scared me, even when I was a little kid that was terrified of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. I think that it could have been an awesome movie had Hooper been left alone to direct it and someone else had written the script, but Spielberg’s influence ruined it.

4. The Blair Witch Project
I remember me and a group of friends going to see this on opening night back in 1999. I was stoked to see it as I had been following the hype surrounding it both online and through horror movie magazines. Every horror fan I knew was excited as hell about seeing it and I had even convinced some of my non-horror friends to go see it because it had the potential to be the scariest movie ever made. I realized about 20 minutes into it the night that I finally got to see it that I was horribly wrong. In my opinion there is really no point to watching this film. The three main characters are annoying as hell, nothing happens for the entire movie, and it is basically a total rip-off of Cannibal Holocaust in regards to the way it was filmed. I was highly disappointed in it and I actually remember someone in the audience shouting “What the f*ck?” when the end credits started to roll and then a lot of people booing. Come to think of it, I was one of the people that was booing.

3. Scream
I hate Kevin Williamson with a passion. I think that he is an arrogant, talentless hack who isn’t quite as important as he thinks he is. I was interested in seeing Scream at first until I realized that it made fun of the slasher genre (and as you know, I love me some slasher flicks). I think that it is a very condescending film that isn’t as half as witty as Williamson thinks it is. I personally take this piece of sh*t as a personal insult as it pretty much pisses on all the movies that I grew up with, and the fact that Wes Craven (who has become a money-hungry fella in recent years) had anything to do with it is just salt in the wound.

2. The Sixth Sense
M. Night Shyamalan is responsible for this movie. ‘nuff said.

And the number 1 most overrated horror movie ever (in my modest opinion) is:

The Ring/Ringu
I could not wait to see Ringu. Everyone told me that it was the scariest movie ever made and that I wouldn’t sleep for days after seeing it. I looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it, so when I went to my first horror convention in Cleveland back in 2001 the main item I wanted to buy was a copy of it. I was thrilled sh*tless when I bought it for a pretty cheap price and couldn’t wait until I got home and could finally watch it. When I got back home that Sunday night the first thing I did was pop it in my VCR player. It started off pretty well but then it got slow. I waited patiently but nothing exciting or even remotely scary happened. I finally started to feel sleepy so I stopped it and took it out of the VCR, telling myself that I would finish it the next day. The next day after work I popped it back in the VCR and started watching where I left off, looking forward to being scared out of my wits. I waited. And waited. And waited some more, but nothing scary happened. I got bored with it and took it out again and played some Playstation, telling myself that I just wasn’t in the mood to watch a movie. Several hours later I tried it again and actually finished it this time around. Still, I couldn’t help but feel totally underwhelmed.

Other than Sadako climbing through the television at the end nothing came close to creeping me out. I couldn’t help but feel more than a little disappointed as I really wanted to like it and wanted it to scare me. Instead I just thought that it was boring, the pace was way too slow, and it wasn’t scary at all. It took me three settings to actually get through it, which is never a good sign. Maybe I missed something and need to watch it again, but I just don’t see what the big deal is about it.

I love Asian horror movies (and just Asian movies in general) but I just couldn’t get into Ringu. In my opinion the Ju-On series is a hell of a lot scarier and I have actually had some sleepless nights where I have lay awake thinking about them. In the plus side, Ringu is much better than the American remake, which is unbelievably bad on so many levels and I really don’t understand how this one was so popular after it was released.

There you have it folks, my personal list of movies I feel are overrated. I am sure that many of you will disagree, so feel free to do so. But before you ask, no, I am not retarded and no, I don’t spend my free time sniffing airplane glue (which is what some people will think after they read this list).

Editors Note:
Please note that these are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of HorrorNews.net, as several of these titles are deemed HNN favorites

The Top 10 Most Overrated Horror Movies of all Time (in my modest opinion)


  1. Yup – I mostly do disagree (with the exception of Candyman). Most of those remain biggies given the time in which they were released, their overall impact on people and their influence on the genre. Sure these aren’t necessarily “Art” like Alfred Hitchcock’s work or anything, but as films go, these reached into pop culture and resonate through western culture. Drop a few words about key scenes – and people will automatically SNAP to what your talking about and relive the fear again. These films successfully scarred the psyche of America, each pushing benchmarks of creativity and pushing the limits of their time.

  2. pretty bloody


  3. A New list to counter this List:

    5 of My Favorite Movies of All Time:
    Silence of the Lambs
    the Ring

    Most Overrated:
    Shark Night
    Open Water
    Dont Be Afraid of the Dark
    Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
    Super 8
    Transformers – Dark of The Moon

    • “favorite films of all time” is definitely a more fitting list for these films than “most overrated.”

    • So, the most overrated films were made only within the last ten years? Not much thought put into that list.

  4. I agree most on the list is not scary per say.But scary is relative.

    Aliens- to me is a sci-fi thriller/mystery .All through the film you’re questions like “What happened to the settlers!?!” and “What is that sh*t on the wall!?!” (it was actual alien sh*t ewww). I agree not so scary a brief ahhh for the monster.

    Silence of the Lambs,Seven, Candyman, Sixth Sense, and The Blair Witch Project are mindf*cks plain and simple. They are scary in a sense cause the stories play around with your sense of security and safety. Some mental f*cker running around actually killing for some crazed assed reason.Shit I’m scared now.

    Day of the Dead,Scream, and The Ring.Again I agree with the writer,not scary more like scary comedies, slightly amusing scary movies.

    Good article. ohh I need that list of scary Asian films, post soon.

  5. Sounds like a list a hipster would write

    • Sounds like a total moron wrote the comment above this one. “Hipster?” Get a clue, idiot!

    • Hipster? Not even close…just someone who has the balls to admit what he likes and doesn’t like. Not pretending he likes a movie just because everyone else says so or because it makes money.

      • Dabney Coalman

        You think being a snippy contrarian on the internet takes balls? Sorry, I’ll take “Alien” over your boring pablum any day.

  6. i sed it befour and ill say it again idont agree but you have a right to an opinion

  7. eeeeeeeeeeeee

    hey if you like horror/syfy movies then you wold like speecies the movie i loved it

  8. eeeeeeeeeeeee

    i loved speecies1 2 and3 4 kind of sucked

  9. eeeeeeeeeeeee

    alien was weired but i liked it and 2 and 3 and 4 and one of my favorets is avpr unrated

  10. You misunderstand the concept of the Ring. It has a lot of creepy stuff and unexpected disturbing images. That´s what scares many people, like me.

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