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“Midnight Hour” takes on bad bosses in March

The shocks continue as “Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour” rolls out an all-new episode for March—a story sure to resonate with every viewer who ever worked for someone they hated. “Experiment in Horror” tells the tale of amorous co-workers Garard (Darwin Spaysky) and Caitlyn (Erika Hoveland), who plan a deadly conspiracy when bitchy newcomer Diane (Jan Cartwright) usurps the promotion Garard had in mind for himself.


Premiering March 1 and repeating every Thursday and Saturday throughout the month, “Experiment in Horror” is a fast-paced ride offering sex, violence, gore and an intriguing plot. Fine performances from the lead and supporting cast enhance this entry, which serves as the debut of newcomer James Caudill as a security guard who lives to regret his career choice.

Lurid special photographic effects, courtesy editor/co-producer Brian Schoof, add a grisly edge to the proceedings. The expansive corridors and shadows of a massive industrial complex—where the episode was filmed by director of photography Peter Fox—effectively set the stage for terror.

Adding to the excitement is a keen sense of drama. As is standard on “Midnight Hour,” the character’s emotions run high as the audience seems to be joining them at pivotal and devastating moments in their lives.

“I’ve always felt movies and TV should be more interesting than real life, rather than an exact replica of it,” says series creator Lee Martin. “The escapist element has always appealed to me.”

For horror fans tired of enduring extended or multiple hiatuses from their favorite shows, “Midnight Hour” is a good alternative. The series’ 12-episode seasons run year ‘round, taking no hiatuses at all.

“Experiment in Horror” airs every Thursday and Saturday throughout March, 2012. Visit www.leemartinsthemidnighthour.com for channels & times PLUS a live streaming video simulcast link.

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