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‘Live in Fear’ Announces Casting

Brandon Scullion’s so-cool-it’s-frozen horror feature LIVE IN FEAR announces the casting of one of its pivotal supporting roles!!

Maria Olsen, who is also co-producer of the film in the guise of her production liaison company, MOnsterworks66, has been cast as Sue, mother to leading-man Seth – played by David Lautman – and, as is usual for this well known indie horror actress, will most probably come to an extremely messy end. As is also usual for Olsen, her role in LIVE IN FEAR will involve her tapping into her seemingly limitless source of on-screen intensity as she grapples with devilish cults, demonic possession and shotgun-wielding madmen.

Olsen, while in the process of making a name for herself on the horror scene – she is #24 in a recent IMDB listing of top horror actresses / scream queens – is best known for her portrayal of The Fury Alecto / Mrs Dodds in Chris Columbus’ young adult fantasy-adventure Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. As reported in Entertainment Weekly, she was also part of Team Witch in Paranormal Activity 3, the latest installment of Oren Peli’s compelling saga, and she’ll also be making an appearance – although probably unrecognizable! – in Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem.

This isn’t the first time that Olsen has worked with Scullion, either, and they collaborated on Scullion’s creepy short horror offering, The Black Guitar, in early 2011.

Olsen is also known for her portrayal of Rose the Waitress in the zom-com Die-ner (Get It?), for which she won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 2009 South African Horrorfest. Her further outings in horror include the bloody torture-p*rnesque Shellter, the creepy found footage mystery The Levenger Tapes and the disturbingly intense Vile.

There’s more horror to come in Olsen’s future, too, as she’s attached to several feature horrors including the serial-killer-with-a-twist-tale The Road Killer, the werewolf yarn Miss Clark and the horror road-trip movie Straight on till Morning.

Those interested in finding out more about LIVE IN FEAR, which is being produced jointly by Scullion’s company, Iodine Sky Productions, and Olsen’s MOnsterworks66, can watch the trailer and become a part of the project here: http://www.indiegogo.com/liveinfearmovie?a=4186

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