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Book Review: The Guardian, Revenant and Dominion – Author Lia Scott Price

The Guardian, Revenant and Dominion

Darkness is what drives them. I never thought I would be saying that about Angels, the ones in Lia Scott Price’s Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels. The tome which I have read contains three stories: The Guardian, Revenant and Dominion. Lia has done something unique and fresh with her stories.

While the vampire phenomenon suffered a fatal blow with the tragedy of Twilight, true vampire fans have felt betrayed in a sense that someone would make vampires into teeny bopper material. Lia has managed to turn vampires back into what they are truly meant to be, sadistic, violent and thirsty for blood. She didn’t stop there, no. What readers will come to expect out of this book is, evil, intense evil. An evil none of us has ever thought was possible. She has given us something to be afraid of.

In slasher films, there is the rule, don’t drink, do drugs or have sex because those who do that, will meet a violent demise at the hands of a psychotic serial killer with a sharp blade. Lia’s twist is: if you whine and complain to a Guardian Angel, or if you want your pain and suffering to end, that would be your death wish. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can’t help but say, whoever is looking for some good reading material, check out Lia Scott Price’s The Guardian, Revenant and Dominion. You will not be sorry.

These are three novellas contained in one book. They are all linked and proves to be an entertaining read if you’re looking for something dark to read. I can say, that we have a new talent out there waiting to be recognized. Her Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels are the kind of stuff, nightmares are truly made of.

Forget sparkly vampires. They have no place in this world. The author’s antagonists in this collection of three novellas are in every sense, evil. The characters are fresh and ready to be led into the slaughter. The situations taking place are as real as you and me are.
Everywhere you turn, there is some report about people committing suicide because they feel they have nothing to live for.
Ask yourself this, what if it’s your Guardian Angel that’s guiding you to taking your own life? A word of advice: Don’t whine and complain to your Guardian Angel. You never know who might answer your prayers.

Book Review: The Guardian, Revenant and Dominion – Author Lia Scott Price

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