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Some new pics – Behind the scenes of BRIAN KEENE’S GHOUL

It was the Brian Keene novel that made me a fan and I am excited as hell to see the Chiller production of the film. It’s coming our way very shortly and for now we will have to occupy ourselves with some nice new pictures that author Brian Keene has posted up.

If this flick is half as good as the book then we are in for one hell of a ride. I don’t have a firm air date but the film will be getting a showing at the SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL later this month, Jan. 22nd to be exact. You can actually head over to Brian’s official site and get yourself a ticket if you’re going to be in the area. As of this writing there we only about 300 tickets left, if you’re interested you better get your ass moving.

If you’ve not yet heard about GHOUL, here’s what it’s all about:

It is the summer of 1984. A local teenage couple goes missing after savagely being attacked among the gravestones of the local cemetery. Reigniting suspicions that an old legend of the Ghoul might actually be real, Timmy and his two best friends are forced into circumstances that put their friendship to the ultimate test. Banding together to face their personal demons and the one hiding underground, they are forced to choose between good and evil. Will they survive?

Keep it here as soon as I get any solid release info I will pass it along.

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