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‘Black Guy on a Rampage’ Heads to Theatres

Buffalo New York’s controversial grindhouse series of three short films collectively entitled Black Guy on a Rampage is scheduled for a limited theatrical release. Also hitting the market will be a release of the series on DVD. Starting March 3rd, 2012, DefTone Pictures Studios will present at selected theaters in the United States showings of all three short films: Black Guy on a Rampage: Angel of Death, Black Guy on a Rampage, and Black Guy on a Rampage: Homicidal Vengeance. In addition, March 3rd, 2012 will also be the street release date of the entire franchise on DVD!

Black Guy on a Rampage: Angel of Death- What started as a normal job for a crime lord quickly became personal and escalated into one man’s war of vengeance. Our hero “The Black Guy” confronts Jackie Long, the man responsible for the death of his son. Long, a villainous tyrant celebrating his 40th birthday at a lavish party was not prepared for this day of reckoning: the day the Black Guy arrived to enact his revenge.

Black Guy on a Rampage- It’s a quiet Sunday night at Rightman’s Bar and Restaurant when in walks a black ex-military man carrying a duffel bag. He appears to be unemployed, homeless and dirty. As his origins become clearer, his anger begins to fuel when he realizes he has entered the same restaurant where another man responsible for the death of his son is eating.

Black Guy on a Rampage: Homicidal Vengeance – Frank McMurphy thought that he was untouchable: a veritable king ruling his vast crime empire with an iron fist. McMurphy will find out how very wrong he was. The Black Guy continues his quest to make the killers of his son pay and he will stop at nothing to see that vengeance is served. This time there’s a game changing situation that our hero must confront or face total defeat.

The epic tale features Alexander Sloan Mcbryde (Dominic aka “The Black Guy”), Richard Satterwhite (Frank McMurphy), Michael O’Hear (Clarence), Christopher Lee Wroblewski (Jackie Long), Mike Sciabarrasi (Luke), and Kathy Thiel Murphy (Lilah) in the film series created by Adam R Steigert.

The DVD is packed with a RAMPAGE of extras including interviews with Adam R Steigert, (writer, director, and producer), Michael O’Hear (Clarence) and Alexander Sloan Mcbryde (Dominic aka “The Black Guy”). Also included is behind the scenes features of all three films. The disc also features commentary tracks with Director Adam R Steigert, Alexander Sloan Mcbryde (Dominic aka “The Black Guy”), Michael O’Hear (Clarence) and co-writer Janeen Avery.


The Black Guy on a Rampage limited edition DVD is now available for a new low price of $7.00 and is available for digital download for only $5.00. Check out the other DefTone Pictures Studios films which are currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray through the company’s website at

DefTone Picture Studios: https://shop.deftonepicturesstudios.com/main.sc
Currently in production Ombis. View a teaser trailer: http://youtu.be/Svd-TKBVr-s
Black Guy on a Rampage: Angel of Death trailer: http://youtu.be/D9i7lBL2BJs
Black Guy on a Rampage: Homicidal Vengeance trailer: http://youtu.be/HCRJUt9duOY
The Final Night and Day trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8j_IPDoqnM

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