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Magazine Review: Grausam Rouge Magazine – Issue 2

Grausam Rouge Issue #2 marks the first that came across our desk. The magazine is unique in that it translates into several languages within its small amount of pages making for light content reading. Make no mistake, as the true attraction here is the images of which this magazine has several of. It may be short, but the pictures are a must see.

Issue #2 is dedicated to the film Hellraiser Hellbound. Seeing that Hellbound is my favorite of the Hellraiser films, this was not a bad thing. That is, to have a small collection of vibrant gory images to browse thru. Collectors will want to grab these Grausam Rouge issues for their visual flavor. Each pays tribute to another film with a fine collective of production photos.

Issue #2 contains some pretty greasy-blood soaked imagery that reminded me of the days when the Hellriaser series was insanely beautiful in its gruesome macabre essence. Those Clive Barker influenced early years contained some of its most striking concepts and edgy material making for a fantastic display of stills to brood over. Grausam Rouge is a cool read with a small bit of info to tide you over. $10 may be a bit too much to ask for with so little amount of content, though it is a salute to the some of the great horror films which is fine by me.

Some advert details:

Along 20 glossy pages, DINA4 and all in colours, Grausam Rouge reproducts in high definition plentyfull of movie stills accompagnied by a presentation of the movie written in english, german, spanish, italian and french.

Purcase at http://www.hantikfilms.com

Grausam Rouge Magazine – Issue 2

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