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A Raving Revue in the Land of Bad Dreams

“The Land of Bad Dreams”, a new collection of dark poetry and prose by Kyla Ward, comes to life in this series of video clips. Six performance groups, including the infamous Surgical Sideshow and members of the Theatre of Blood, were each invited to interpret a piece from the collection. Filmed with an awestruck live audience, the results are unlike any poetry reading or cabaret you have ever witnessed!

Burlesque enchantress Venus Vamp rose impressively to the challenge. “I love performing on nights that are different, especially responding to some kind of art form!”

The fame of the print edition continues to spread: Sheila M. Merritt at Hellnotes says “The multiple contents of this P’rea Press compilation display the talents of a writer spreading her creative wings – and soaring.”

Christian Read, author of The Eldritch Kid graphic novels says “I don’t know poetry, rhymes and scansion and that sort of thing are outside my experience. But a turn of phrase you could flense with, a delicious image, a sense of humour that wears a black hood, these are things I understand.”

Leigh Blackmore, president of the Australian Horror Writers Association, says “The Land of Bad Dreams is a haunting collection. It deserves a place alongside the works of Angela Carter, Joyce Carol Oates, Tanith Lee, Mirra Lokhvitskaya, and Leonora Carrington, but Ward’s voice is all her own.”

All stock enquiries to Danny at P’rea Press

To contact Kyla directly: kylaw@tabula-rasa.info

To see Madame Venus perform “Virgins and Martyrs”.

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