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Film Review: Zombiag (short film) (2011)


The Zombiag “Speed Chicken” short cut. Produced by Ralf Kemper (Toxic Lullaby) and Stephan Lötzer (Cobiag). Pics: www.foto-lepperhoff.de. Music: www.speed-chicken.de


A man wearing a cowboy hat is attacked in the park while a couple flee from the onslaught of a zombie outbreak. A local horror collector asks them to take shelter within while he passes out copies of horror comics to the masses of undead. Though the tables are turned when we learn of what the couple is  really afraid of.

This new 7 minute short by Ralf Kemper (Toxic Lullaby) takes a clever stab at the “Walking Dead” fan base and the zombie genre in general by poking fun at the current wave mass appeal. The impressive nature here is Ralf’s ability to assemble a large group willing to sport undead face paint and swarm about thru an urban area. The short titled “Zombiag” comes with its own motto ” don `t play with the walking dead”

The piece is intended for humor consumption and does just that. If you get a chance you can check it out below. It is a fun little piece and worth the quick 7 minutes.


 Zombiag (short film) (2011)

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