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Book Review: Z=MC2: Time Travelin’ Zombies vs. The Garden State – Author Kelly Jamesons

Time traveling zombies in New Jersey amounts to a b-movie version remake of the worst ever made SyFy Channel original of Doctor Who visits the Jersey Shore. Yea – it’s THAT bad. The best part is that the author knows it and embraces it in all of its absurdities.

There are small glimmers of hope no matter how minute they be. The characters aren’t one dimensional which is a plus. Some are actually interesting, unique and you begin to like them. They all have quirks and idiosyncrasies to their personalities that make the book worth it to read – if it wasn’t so horrendously ill-thought out.

Allow me explain….

There is very little (if any) continuity. The chapters make no logical sense. Then there is the plot – the complete and utter lack of one, that is. Think of every rule established about zombies and then simply throw them away. Put this all in the setting of the Pine Barrens in Jersey mixed with every bad cliché you can think of then you have Z=MC2.

If you live on the East Coast you will snicker at a few tidbits within the story. Many authors refrain from including regional items in their stories because they aren’t found anywhere else. Not in this book – not even close. Everything is regional from local diners to snack food. Take that and roll it all up into a Jersey factoid sheet and you’ll be reading this book.

The story started off well and then went to hell in a hand basket. The characters were being developed in their own small chapters with an inevitable group being formed. The zombies acted sentient in some parts and then not so much in others. If the zombies are to be another character then they also need to have continuity – not so much here.

Enter Einstein’s zombie… a “falling apart at the seams” zombie that can wield a flamethrower and do ninja moves…

I’ll leave it that as your eyes dart back to that line wondering WTF!? If you wish to purchase the book you certainly may do that. It is available for your eReader through Barnes & Noble. And hey – it costs a buck!

Book Review: Z=MC2: Time Travelin’ Zombies vs. The Garden State – Author Kelly Jamesons

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