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‘Ombis’ new alien Film begins production per Deftone Studios

Buffalo New York is an area becoming more relevant in the independent arts field and production company DefTone Pictures Studio, the outfit behind the zombie feature The Final Night and Day recent awarded the title of “Best Western New York Horror Film” at the Buffalo Screams film festival and the controversial grindhouse three short film series Black Guy on a Rampage, has announced upcoming film project Ombis.

Currently in production the most ambitious project in DefTone’s upcoming roster is Ombis, a 1950s style alien invasion film where the an alien life form crash lands in a village called Metsburgh. It begins to infect the towns-folk, making them host to the supernatural virus. The virus is not the only thing that has invaded this small community. A creature known only as the “Nemesis” has also arrived in an attempt to contain the alien plague known as Ombis. It is up to a small group of un-infected survivors to fight the invasion and make it out alive.


Casting has already been completed for the epic, which will feature Richard Satterwhite (Sheriff Thomas Brackett), Sara Manzella (Lucy), Jason John Beebe (Mark) and Alexander Sloan Mcbryde (Mr. Gray). This is the first film Adam R Steigert founder of DefTone Pictures Studios is co-directing with Mark Mendola. Special make-up effects graduates of the Tom Savini School of Artist Jill Jovic, Phill Beith have signed on to the project. This will be Jill Jovic, Phill Beith first feature film project.

Steigert believes that the diversity of this epic film project will continue to expand DefTone’s mission into a successful motion picture studio. “We at DefTone strive to create epic tails embracing visionary new ideas; Buffalo is filled with hidden talent which we are destine to explore.”
All DefTone Pictures Studio films are available on DVD through the company’s website and The Final Night and Day is also available on Blu-Ray.

DefTone Pictures Studios: https://shop.deftonepicturesstudios.com/main.sc

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