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30 Years Later Natalie Wood’s Death Now Being Looked At As A Homicide; Robert Wagner Under Scrutiny

As many of you know, we here at HORRORNEWS.NET are quite the fans of not only fictional horror but real life horror as well. And who doesn’t love a good mystery especially when it involves a couple of high profile actors (including my own personal crush Christopher Walken).

LA County Sheriff’s Dept is investigating the Natalie Wood death case after 30 years as a homicide after a book surfaces that claims her husband Robert Wagner may have been involved with her demise.
In a recent press statement by the LACSD they claim Wagner is NOT a suspect but all sources close to the case say that if it wasn’t for the new information about Woods and Wagner having a drunken fight on the night of her murder and his alleged lying to the police during their investigation, this case would still be closed.

Natalie Wood Photo from Google.com

In 1981 Natalie Wood’s body was found off the island of Catalina after she disappeared off of a cruise ship that she was on with her husband Robert Wagner. When found, she was wearing nothing but her nightgown. No undergarments were on the body. The night of her death, sources claim that Woods and Wagner got into a heated argument after Wagner saw Woods talking with Christopher Walken on the deck. Wagner allegedly walked up to Woods and Walken screaming “What do you want to do, f*** my wife?!” and smashing a wine bottle. After Walken walked away, the couple allegedly walked back into their room where there was reported “loud arguing, bangs, and thumps” before a complete silence. Hours later Wagner claimed his wife was missing off the boat and told the ship’s captain not to call the coast guard right away.
Lana Wood, Natalie’s sister, has always said that she felt that Wagner was not being truthful to the police with his accounts for the night and is happy that the case is being reopened. She reports that Wagner told the boat’s captain to “let her stay in the water to teach her a lesson” when the captain urged him to let him call the coast guard.

Robert Wagner Photo from Google.com

This case is coming back to life by a woman named Marti Rulli, who recently penned and released a book entitled Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendor where she claims that Woods was murdered and Wagner was responsible. The boat’s captain, Dennis Davern, went on the TODAY show and is quoted as saying when asked if he believed Wagner was responsible, “Yes. Yes, I would say so. Yes”. Davern reported that Wagner repeatedly kept him from calling the coast guard when they thought Woods could have fallen overboard. Afterward, Dennis reports that Wagner asked him to never speak about it so ‘Wagner’s’ image would not be tarnished.
Rulli dispels accusations that she has only started this crusade because it is almost 30 years to the day that Wood had passed by saying that she has been working on investigating this for 25 years and the 30 year mark just so happened to fall on this day.

Christopher Walken has kept silent about the events of that night and has recently “lawyered up” amid all of the chatter. Wagner has yet to be questioned about the accusations.

This story is still developing, stay tuned!

Wagner and Wood in happier times. Photo from Google.com

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