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Randomness, Sasha Grey and Writers Block

Heya Freaks And Minx!

Well it has been a while since I have written and honestly it is because I have had no frickin clue as to what I should write about. Seems to me things are a little slow going in the horror realm as of late and frankly it is starting to urk me. Yes, I know, some of you have films you are making and some of you would love me to talk about them but in reality, I can’t write too much about a film that has yet to be made. I get that complaint a lot. “How come I have sent you my press release 1,000 times and you haven’t talked about it on your column?”. The answer to that is because, as I said above, I can’t write too much about a film that is not completed. That is like me asking you to film the script I have yet to complete. But I have a few of those should should you want to try it out, email me. ;) I’s not mean or disrespectful and I hope you guys understand that. It Now that we have that understanding, I will move on.

I have been checking out my regular very important news channels lately (yes, that means TMZ) and saw a post about Sasha Grey coming under attack by parents of a Compton, CA school for being an ex-p*rn star and reading to their children. Now, as mean spirited as it may be to laugh at the fact that apparently parents think it is OK to keep their kids in an area of California where the murder and crime rate massively outweighs the good deeds done per day is more acceptable than their children being read to by a woman who used to make a living by taking a few to the orifices, I have to shiver at the thought that some people are actually backing this ignorance because of her previous life choices. And yes, her PREVIOUS life choices. She has moved on from the p*rn industry to pursue a career in productions that don’t have awards such as “Best Anal Performance In A Feature Film” (although if you ask me, half of the awards are really saying this to many of the recipients). Grey made her entry into the horror actress family with her starring role in SMASH CUT alongside David Hess and Michael Berryman. She has also had a part in the show ENTOURAGE. Grey has made the statement that she will not stop doing what she is doing because of some people’s opinions of her past and I commend her for that. All jokes aside, she took time out of what she wanted to do and did something meaningful for kids. I didn’t know that promoting literacy in a school that has a very low rate of successful students meant that you had to have a sparkling clean past and must meet certain moral standards. At least she is out there doing it, aside from Lindsay Lohan’s court ordered community service to corpses, I don’t see a lot of celebrities out there, beating the streets, and doing something for the good of kids besides donating money. And I get the arguments of the naysayers “If these kids Google this actress, they are gonna get an eyeful of p*rnography.”. Well here is a novel idea, USE PARENTAL CONTROLS AND MONITOR YOUR CHILDREN’S INTERNET HABITS LIKE YOU SHOULD BE DOING IN THE FIRST PLACE! But, of course that would require pro-active parenting and we all know what a dirty thought that is nowadays. I think any help to fight against illiteracy should be welcomed with open arms. Have you seen how the kids are talking these days? “Fer rlz, pepl shud stop haten on sumne hews tryna help. LULZ” To end this rant, I support Sasha in what she is doing and see no real problem in it. Just a note to her: If they won’t accept you, I work with plenty more worthy causes that can use you. Just send a shout. :) SUPPORT SAHSA GREY AND HER FIGHT AGAINST ILLITERACY!

On to some horror happenings. With Halloween passing and dealing with the hangover, I wanted to let you guys know about an awesome new idea to come out of the horror convention circle. We all know about the hundreds of horror conventions that go on around the US each year, and a lot of them re pretty awesome, but I always love hearing when people are thinking outside of the box. Insert Tides of Torture. Tides is the first horror convention to take place on a cruise ship and is getting a lot of attention from celebs and fans alike. I was directed to them by a friend who is more of a gamer than horrorphile when he saw an ad for them on a friend’s page. The con will have such events as a film festival, zombie ball, and celebrity poker tourney all taking place on the ship! You know this sounds pretty cool so far! Guests have already been signed to attend and include:
Tony Todd
Tiffany Shepis
Kane Hodder
Uncle Creepy
Leslie Easterbrook
Danielle Harris
R.A. Mihailoff
(and a boat load more…pun intended)

You can check out all the latest info at

As far as films, I have been revisiting a lot of films from the 80s as of late. This IS one of my favorite decades for horror anyway but I feel like it is giving me breathe of fresh air from some of the newer films I have been consumed in. Here is a list and short review of each of the newer films and shows I have watched lately:
Exorcismus (Horror) – Not really worth the watch. Had a good story line but poor execution. If you are bored and have exhausted your Netflix Instant, maybe turn it on, but I will still say watch something from the 80s first.
Awful Normal (Doc) – This is a pretty heart tugging doc about a pair of sisters who decide to confront the man who molested them during their childhood. The story gets even more gross besides that piece of information. They somewhat find out on their journey that their own father was just as guilty of inappropriate behavior. There was a few times I had to rewind the film because I just couldn’t mentally absorb what was being said. “Our father was very open with us. I used to take a shower with him and play with his penis or whatever but it was all normal”. Wait, what?! This film is not for everyone, not for many actually. If anything, it could be used as an inspiration to get victims to address their past and work toward healing from it but it should not be used as a road map. You played with his what and it was what? *shivers*
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows pt 2 (So-called Thriller) I won’t speak of this one. I will go and read the book.
-American Horror Story (Horror) If you don’t follow me on FB then you probably don’t know how much I love this show. So I will tell you now, I LOVE THIS SHOW! Admittedly this last week’s ep was a little weak, not bad, but weak. I think it is a good build up show for things to come. But I will say this: Please, PLEASE, don’t let this baby situation turn cheesy! Please don’t make it that she is going to give birth to a hooved, horned, red beast. PLEASE! I love this show more than most but I will have to write it off it this happens. Then make fun of it to all of my friends. And I have a lot of friends. So keep it straight, guys.

The two films that I have not seen yet that I would REALLY like to are 11-11-11 and THE WOMAN. If you guys have seen these films, tell me what you thought of them in the comment section below. WITHOUT SPOILERS PLEASE and thank you. :)

I will bow out of my column now and get back to writing my paper for my math class (Yes, you read that right). Let’s work together here, should you have something you think I need to check out, leave me some messages in the comment section below. United we stand, divided….well, you just don’t have anything from me to read. :D Some news is about to break for all of you GASH podcast fans out there! I have been asked about it a lot and I promise you I will not keep you in the dark for much longer. As soon as we get our ducks in a row, you will be the first to know.
Have a great week lovies and I will talk to you soon!

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