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Interview: Travis Miller – Director (BloodStained Romance)

Travis Miller from the movie Bloodstained Romance stopped over to HorrorNews.net to answer our ever so popular Meet The Movie questions. Normally, I only give a few but I really liked this film and think it deseved a bit more! So sit back and Meet The Movie with Travis and I:

Thanks for joining us today!

Thanks for having me! Im a huge fan of the site and to be honest, I have somewhat of a…well, I’ll just say it, “infatuation” with the devilishly beautiful Dai Green. So its a pleasure ;)

Oh my dear, never tempt the woman who lays the webs. You might get yourself caught! :) haha Tell us a little about Bloodstained Romance.

Bloodstained is a film about Holden, a troubled college student who falls in love at first sight with a young coed named Sadie. When his attempts to talk to her fall short, due to his antisocial mindset, his life starts to unravel. Not being able to have her due to his own confines the thin line between love and obsession begins to smudge, so does his reasoning for right and wrong. Holden would lie to protect his secret love for Sadie. Even if that means killing. Holden is launched into a spiraling bloodbath of violence as he tries to hide the infatuation that feeds his madness. Through it all, he tries to cling to a trembling grip on reality, as love and violence combinate into a shocking “climax”.

How did you come up with this script?

The idea for the script came to me when I was at my day job. One of the girls I worked with asked me if I planned on doing anything besides horror. Sarcasticly I said “What…like a love story?!” then that little light came on in my head, and “Bloodstained Romance” was born.

I very much enjoyed this film! It was like a creepy look into some of our most disturbed youth. He could have been anyone in your neighborhood, that’s what made it even more unnerving. What steps did it take to develop this character?

Exactly, I always tell people this insnt just a slasher flick, its a thought provoking character study, that just happens to be in the horror genre. The character of Holden is the bastard child of me and Chris Burchette. We put equal amounts into this character. I knew where I wanted Holden to go and Chris fleshed him out. We worked together creating all the ins and outs that would make people feel for him even while he was slaughtering innocent people. It worked out in a way that makes the film unique because, how many psychopaths in horror films do you feel sorry for?

Where do you find your directorial influences?

I grew up with horror. From seeing my first horror film “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (I cried like a baby…because I was) to staying up with my dad watching “The Twilight Zone” which is an influence to anyone who has ever picked up a camera. I stopped watching movies as movies along time ago and started breaking them down shot by shot. I study everything from nobudget indies to the masterpieces of Kubrick. Im huge on foreign films because they shoot with a different culture in mind and it shows. My influences come from all around.

Where can our readers find this film?

Bloodstained Romance is being released worldwide on DVD through Echelon Studios and Singa Home Entertainment. I believe it will be released around Feb ’09. It will be available on their sites as well as Netflix, Amazon, and Blockbuster.com.

Very well done hun. Great job on the movie!
What’s next for you?

Im now in preproduction on “Bad Girls Burn in HELL!”
Its a story of a young married couple, Ted and Susan Shepherd, who own and live out of a funeral home. They are very respected in the community, they are on the neighborhood watch, can be found at town meetings, and go to church…religiously. They also kidnap young, unsuspecting “Bad Girls” and teach them a lesson in the basement….a lesson they’ll take to the grave…or at least the crematorium. When they abducted “Bad Girl” Jennifer from the park everything seemed to go as planned but quickly they find out that HELL is coming for THEM. When Jennifer’s younger sister Trish finds out that the couple has her sister she tries to break into the funeral home to get her out. But when she is caught by the husband Trish soon finds herself in the same situation that her sister was in, the basement! As Trish fights to find out what they did to her sister, she comes face to face with the horrifying truth.

At first glance this film seems like your average torture p*rn horror film, which are “IN” right now, but its actually an indepth look at what religion can drive people to do when not in their right mind. Its a story of revenge on both sides of the field.

Good luck on that!
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Thank you for dropping in once again!

The pleasures all mine. Thanks you for the support.
Keep doin what youre doin.

Any last words?


My advise to apsiring film makers is dont set around and wait for studios to fork over money to help you bring your vision to the viewers just so they can mold your original idea into some PG13 horror crap nobody wants to see. We as film makers are story tellers. All you need is a camera, a vision, and a story you believe in. To make something out of something isnt that hard, but to make something out of nothing, now that shows talent.
Spread the Red,
Travis B. Miller

Thank you Travis for dropping in and thak you guys for reading!
Make sure to check out Bloodstained Romance and keep an eye on this kid, he is def onto something!

Stay twisted,

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