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Horror Talk 7

Hello my men and minx!
What’s going on with you all? Here, it’s been crazy busy and a hell of a lot of fun!

I had the chance to talk with Rachel Grubb who, by the way, is killer hot!
Also, in continued talks with Christopher Garetano, from Cottonmouth.tv, I found out some pretty exciting info. But you will have to stay tuned for that sweet tidbit and trust me if youre a true horror fan, you will def want to hear this!

Some of the Haunted Jail photos are up at my Myspace so check them out at myspace.com/dai_o


News Quickies:
‘Because who doesn’t like a quickly every now and then?!’

John Landis to direct BURKE AND HARE
This is a dark comedy based on the true story of two 18th century lowlifes who kill people and sell their bodies to a medical school.
Still not ringing a bell? Watch The Doctor and the Devils whick would be the unfunny version but still pretty good.
Im excited to see Landis direct this! And since it is based in London, I wonder if he could sneak a warewolf in there, just for us!

[REC] sequal to start filming Nov 15
Can we please get a whoop whoop!!
Im actually excited for this one and I know you guys are too!

Warwick Davis is coming up with story ideas for a possible Leperchaun 7
Oh good god, please NO!
It was bad enough to have to watch that little midget try to be hardcore in ‘Da Hood’ but to have to have to sit through another godawful sequel is enough to make me wanna steal the little sh*ts gold so he will kill me off and put me out of my misery. By now the only pot at the end of that rainbow is filled with crap! STOP BEATING THE DEAD HORSE or should I have said Leperchaun?

Electric Mist to be released in spring 2009
A new fick about serial killers, Tommy Lee Jones stars in this promising looking flick. I love TLJ! He plays some of these roles a little too well though. Wonder what secrets he has in his britches!

Alba and Afleck to star in Killer Inside me
Bowchickawaawa. Does it sound like a p*rn to anyone else.
In a remake of the 70’s version, they are set to star in the film written by Michael Winterbottom.
Get the lube and boobie tassels!
Wait it’s not a p*rn? Oh well, get them anyway.

HIS NAME WAS JASON: 30 YEARS OF FRIDAY THE 13TH to be released on Feb 3, 2009
This is a documentary covering the huge sucsess of F13 from the start and throughout.

30 years of fornicating teens, drug and alcohal use, decrepid lake men, big boobie loose women, and lots of bloody massacres!
Wait, thats my parents annivessary tribute. But nonetheless 30 years of Jason too! Who feels old now?

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Heres what we’re looking for:

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Looking forward to seeing you guys on our site!!!

Whats new on DVD?


Otto; Or Up With Dead People

Repo! The Genetic Opera

13 Miedos
(Editor note: – this film is all spanish and has no subtitles or eng dubs)


Battle Heater



Congrats to Chris W. – Los Angeles, CA. for winning our Shirt Off My Back contest! I hope you enjoy it and sorry but I don’t come with the shirt no matter how much you beg me! haha

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I know we have the best readers ever!
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Stay Twisted!

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