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Horror Talk 6

So how was your Halloween?
Mine was awesome filled with Vampires, Dark Princesses, Evil Midgets, and ofcourse Death! Just as it should.
I had a photo shoot yesterday in an haunted prison that closed back in the 30’s and trust me, def check out the pics when I release them. You will see why I am called the evil little Minx! haha

Also, today is the day to VOTE so get off your arses and put your two cents in.

Next election I will be on the ticket and will raise taxes on all the assholes and pretentious bastards, then I will vote in castration as acceptable punishment for stupid people to keep down the ignorant population.
I will legalise marajuana for old people so they will be too tired to get on the freeways and drive, and I will make it acceptable to go out in public naked as long as you’re hot!

Also lowering ciggarette prices and deeming it illegal to tell me where I can light up. I also will put a law into effect to make the act of bitching obsessively a crime punishable by gagging for a predetermained amount of time depending on the severity.

So remember Vote Dai in 2012!


News Quickies:
‘Because who doesn’t like a quickly every now and then?!’

Anne Rice writes book about Jesus and denounces the aura of her past works:
In an recent interview Anne Rice talked about her turning from the ‘dark side’ and finding Jesus. (Dai muffles her giggle) Then she states that if she can ‘make grown women believe in Vampires’ then hopefully she can ‘bring people to our Lord and savior Jesus’, then in closing of that statement with ‘In Jesus’ name I pray’. Who the crap took the Jesus Warrior from Trading Spouses and possessed Rice? The book is tanking in the polls and I say DAMN RIGHT IT SHOULD! DON’T FORGET WHERE YA CAME FROM BIBLE THUMPER! (Now Dai loses it and cracks up laughing)

Friday the 13th-Unrated to be released on Blueray Feb 3rd:
And can YOU name a better Valentines present to the person who has it all?

Dimention Extreme Films gets ‘Dead in 3 Days:
This films has been coined as a mix between TCSM and Friday the 13th. Well I am excited to see if a big dead swampy corpse runs around with a human-leather mask while cutting up drunk and fornicating teens while they do the dirty in the woods of a dessert! Since no release date has been announced yet, I guess we will have to wait.

Universal wins bid on new EA Games horror themed game:
Being offically named ‘Dantes Inferno’ this game is about a journey into hell.
I am soooo warming up my thumbs folks! If ya didn’t know it, your evil little minx here is quite the gamer! Will let ya know more when I find it out.

Steven Graham signs on for ‘Season Of The Witch:
I told you guys about this film a few weeks back. There is quite the buzz going on around it so hopefully they will get on filming soon!

Cottonmouth released on Halloween draws praise from fans:
People who have seen it call it ‘spooky, thrilling, awesome, original, a great watch, and fun’! And this chick right here calls it ‘Down right kick ass, you will def watch it more than once!’
If you have yet to see it, check it out on Cottonmouth.tv


Whats new on DVD?

Eden Lake
13 Hours in a Warehouse
Assault! Jack The Ripper
Bikini Bloodbath Carwash
The Creek
Poultrygeist- Night of the Chicken Dead
HP Lovecraft’s Vol 5- Strange Aeons



We have two this week!

First, congrats to Jeremy P. of Grans Rapids MI for winning our Halloween package! You are getting pretty hooked up love.

First for our contest:
Wanna win ‘The Shirt Off My Back’?
Well here is your chance!!!

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Well lovies, thats all from me today!
Make sure you go to www.monstrousgear.com

Thanks for poppin in and check out next weeks edition for some crazy stuff I have in mind!

Stay Twisted!

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