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Take a look at the making of THE THING

The prequel to John Carpenter’s THE THING opens next week! Time has sure flown but in just a few short days we’re all going to know how this thing is going to play out. Nice thing is, we can get a bit of a sneak peek by checking out the two clips below.

What we have here is what I am suspecting will be part of the supplemental materials on the home video release. It’s a making of featurette titled A Look Inside: THE THING and it’s your pretty average fare but still pretty freaking cool none the less.

Click on the videos below and scope it out!


  1. Dear Friends,

    I saw and enjoyed “The Thing.” Point of information: the film seemed to draw from the first “Alien” movie. However much confusion reigns. I cannot understand why a crew of scientists would not explore the spaceship first before thawing out “the thing.” It would have given the characters and the movie audience more insight into what type of alien might be encountered. More important, the spaceship would have tied directly into the story. As it was, the spaceship gave no clues at all about the alien except the alien was on it. For all practical purposes the spaceship scenes could have been excised from the movie. Just too many loose threads! Note: the first “Alien” movie saw the characters explore the spaceship where the aliens were found.
    It made for a much better story.

    I’m really trying to understand what the alien is all about and could sure use some guidance.
    My original thought was that an advanced civilization stuck this parasitic life form on a spaceship and sent it into space to get rid of it. The craft happened to crash on earth. When “the thing” left the craft an alarm (signal) went off as a warning to stay away from it.

    Please reply.

    Neal Bracken

  2. I think the decision not to focus on the spaceship or the back story of the Thing in JC’s movie was deliberate and a good choice. What makes the Thing so terrifying is the fact that it’s nature and motivations are not fully understood by the characters in the story or by the audience. If everything about this alien was explained, it would be much less frightening. Basically, how the Thing came to be frozen in the ice of Antarctica, Planet Earth is not nearly as important as how the characters in the movie react to and deal with the horror of the situation in which they find themselves. This is really a movie about human paranoia and mistrust. The terror of suddenly realizing that the people who you have always trusted and thought of as friends may no longer be people at all, but rather some sort of THING that is bent on destroying you… that’s what makes this movie such a powerful classic!

    If you’re looking for more information about the spaceship, the 2011 prequel takes you inside of it and shows you some strange and interesting gadgets that are presumably part of the technological portfolio of the Thing or whatever civilization it obtained the ship from, but it still does not really explain what the Thing is or where it came from (which is, in my opinion, a good thing).

    One thought exercise I’ve always found to be interesting is to think of the events of these movies from the perspective of the Thing. If you consider the situation in which this creature, whatever it may be, finds itself (i.e. alone and marooned on an alien world surrounded by strange, monkey-like lifeforms that are determined to find you and barbecue you into oblivion), it’s actually possible to have some sympathy for the Thing and better understand it’s motives and actions. What would any of us do in this situation? We would try to survive, of course, even if our survival meant the destruction of other beings. This is really all that the Thing is trying to do: survive and escape the crazy flame-thrower wielding monkey creatures that are trying to destroy it. Pretty understandable if you really think about it.


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