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Book Review: Martyrs and Monsters – Author Rober Dunbar

Martyrs & Monsters

by Robert Dunbar
(Uninvited Books)

Robert Dunbar’s writing never fails to impress me.Β  “The Pines”, “The Shore” and “Willey” are all examples of what dark literature can be in the hands of a writer who understands the darkness that lies within all of us and who understands that humanity isΒ  frail, perplexing and unpredictable.

Robert’s short story collection “Martyr’s & Monsters” is no exception. The tales within this wonderful collection are delectably dark, frightening and disturbing, with a cast of characters that are life-like, damaged, vulnerable and in some instances somewhat twisted.

This group of stories is not to be taken lightly, they are to be savored, dissected and devoured. There is much to be discovered within these tales and not all of our discoveries will be pleasant.

Robert has the ability to bring us deep into the shadows, shining light on what dwells in the darkness, revealing things sometimes best left hidden.

Robert has been called “The catalyst for the new literary movement in horror” among many other accolades, which are all well deserved.

To put it simply, “Martyrs & Monsters” will leave an indelible mark on those that read it, remaining with you long after you turn out the lights, peering into the darkness, wondering if that shadow in the corner is actually moving towards you.

Use the links above to pick up your own copy and take a journey through the shadowed night at the hands of a master storyteller.

I give “Martyrs & Monsters” my highest recommendation.

Introduction by Greg F. Gifune
Author’s Note
Getting Wet
Like A Story
High Rise
Saturday Night Fights
Gray Soil
Mal de Mer
Red Soil
The Folly
Are We Dead Yet?
Killing Billie’s Boys
The Moon (Upside Down)
Only Disconnect

Book Review: Martyrs and Monsters – Author Rober Dunbar

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